Lighthouse Safety Training winners of customer service award

We are very pleased to announce that last week we were presented with the Customer Service Award at the Medway Business Awards!

The MBA stated “The company has literally proved itself a lifesaver with its training provision across a wide range of sectors. These include construction, retail and commercial companies.

It has also enjoyed substantial growth over the past 14 years and now has three classrooms at its Rainham base. Staff training is also ongoing and last year a member achieved the top result in the NEBOSH general certificate out of 13,000 nationwide candidates.”

This award is testament to our team for their commitment and dedication to providing the best services to our clients, both on a training, and consultancy level. We really do want to make a difference to peoples lives.
Being recognised by our esteemed local industry peers really means a lot. We had a great time meeting the judges and fabulous time at the awards gala.

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