Kee Access® Ramps

Features of Kee Access

ADA Compliance

Kee Access was designed to be compliant with US and international accessibility standards. Compliant handrails, widths, and slopes are all standard parts of the ramp’s design.

Modularity with Flexibility

Modular sections make the ramp easy to design and install. Kee Klamp components allow for simple modifications that will give your ramp a built-in look.

Trusted Components

Kee Access ramps are built using Kee Klamp fittings. Kee Klamp has been used to build accessibility and safety railing for over eighty years. Your ramp will last for years without maintenance.

Built-In Look

The ramp has a more established look than other modular ramp solutions and can be colour-matched to your facility to create a perfect fit.


Ramp up your access

Access ramps are a necessity for any business that desires to be compliant with modern disability access standards. Kee Access provides a way of providing safe access to a home or business without the need for extensive modifications to the existing facility

Kee Access® Creates Superior Compliance

Get Compliant

ADA access is not optional for today’s business. Bring your accessibility into line without the usual construction headaches.

Take it Easy

Kee Access is an easy option for providing compliance. With quick availability and installation, compliance can be done without delay.

Reduced Maintenance

All metal components are galvanized, stainless, or aluminum to ensure long-lasting durability. Holes in the treads shed water, snow, and ice to ensure year-round safe access.

What some of our clients have to say...


Lee is an engaging and authoritative tutor covering the required topics in detail while making the learning process fun and stimulating.

CITB SMSTS (London) - June 23


Tom was excellent and I really enjoyed the course.

I have learnt a lot from this course and I cant thank Tom and Lighthouse enough for their efforts

NEBOSH Construction -March 23


Louise gave a professional course and was very knowledgable in all subjects.

Excellent training method.

CITB Health & Safety Awareness - June 2021


This course had the potential to be difficult / triggering in places, but the instructors did a great job of looking after everyone. Acknowledging the weight of the topic and informing the participants that they could leave the room, or opt out of certain sections if necessary. Overall the course was very informative and very well delivered. Thank you very much!

MHFA England - Mental Health First Aid March 24

Feedback: Callum

Got taught loads. Very good tutor

CITB SSSTS - Feb 2024


Really enjoyed the course. I feel better prepared for an emergency situation.

QualSafe Emergency First Aid at Work - September 2020


Louise is a very welcoming and informative tutor.

Able to keep the attention and interest of the whole group.

CITB SMSTS Refresher - November 2022


Tom made the course enjoyable as well as good for learning

NEBOSH General - June 22


Tutors were fun. training was broken up with stories and videos which kept it engaging. Exceeded my expectations. Very engaging and interesting. Would definitely return to do my Level 6 NVQ after successfully completing this course.

NEBOSH Construction July 2021

Feedback: Sam

Tom has a very good knowledge of the topics and was able to deliver the course with a blend of seriousness and humour that made it an overall more enjoyable experience.



Michelle was very good.

A good mix of humour and informative knowledge.

Good level of information

Incident Investigation - March 23


The best course I have ever been on, usually they are boring and make you feel sleepy! But not with Lee Whall, great presentation and a very great tutor. Thanks Lee

CITB SMSTS - March 24


Lee was very engaging and kept the class attention at all times.

Lee was very knowledgable about all the subject matter.

CITB SMSTS Refresher - September 2023

Feedback: Darren

Very informative, lots of content, ideally could be a day or two longer.

Facilities of venue very good.

The tutor Ollie was outstanding; enthusiastic with expert knowledge and was engaging.

The admin support provided by Sam and Kristina is excellent.



Different look at H&S Issues, great knowledge and explanation techniques.

Much appreciated

CITB SMSTS Refresher - August 2020


Just booked my first place on a course with your organisation and was very impressed with how easy it was

Lighthouse Training


It was good to be on a course where the tutor had an understanding of life on a construction site.

Very informative, good presentation making it easier to take in all the details.

CITB SSSTS - August 2020


5 out of 5. Expectations exceeded.

The subjects were fully covered including examples of situations that made me more aware about the risks.

Louise was professional and precise and a  lovely lady to chat with.

CITB SMSTS Refresher, June 2020

Feedback: Alexis

It would be my personal preference to do a mock at the end of day one just to be aware of the form and requirements.

The course was simple with clear explanations all modules, really useful learning.

IOSH Managing Safely February 2024


I have just completed the SMSTS 5 day weekly with Tom and just wanted to say how impressed I was with the delivery of the project and how professional Light House have been over the last 5 weeks.

Tom is a great teacher and very patient as I can be a handful and please pass on my sincere thank you



Thanks for this and your time today.

It can’t be easy doing the training at distance but it was an informative and enjoyable session regardless, well done.

CDM Awareness (Online)- Jan 21


Excellent.  Very Informative. Likeable. Definitely be using Lighthouse in future.

February 2019 (Working at Height)

Anon, October 2018 (CDM Awareness)

Course tutor was very knowledgeable and provided the information in a conversational/discussion format that was good for interactive learning. The tutor was funny and charismatic which made the course more interesting.

Anon, October 2018 (CDM Awareness)


Great Course. Excellent tutor. Subjects were covered in lots of depth, especially mental health which I think was really helpful and needed.

Would definitely recommend this course.

CITB SSSTS - March 21


More enjoyable than I expected.

A very useful course delivered in an interesting way.

CITB SMSTS - July 2022

Feedback: Gary

Good information to be taken into the construction industry 5/5

MHFA England - Mental Health Awarenes March 24


Very good communication skills clear and deep explanation of topics helped with questions and solving issues I had with my course . Loved examples she mentioned on every topic she taught.

NEBOSH General - April 23


Delivered at a good quick pace. Some of the other drawn-out courses could learn a lot from the pace of this presenter
Incident Investigation - February 2023


Course is about the right amount of time. Tutor confident and answered all questions. Good films incorporated to highlight contents.

Lorraine, October 2018 (Fire Warden)


All presented in a very friendly atmosphere and made to feel at ease that makes for learning easier.

Tutors are the best I have come across for a long while.

Well done to you all at Lighthouse.

CITB SSSTS - April 2021

Feedback: Paul



NEBOSH Fire - November 23


Lou was an excellent tutor. She was helpful, friendly and made sure everyone understood things. Lou was willing to answer any questions I had and she has really helped me understand things more that I will be able to use when I go back to work.

NEBOSH General - APR 23


Presented brilliantly and made the course subject very straightforward and easy to understand.

Would recommend this course and tutor to my colleagues for the future.

IOSH Managing Safely - September 2022


Amy was very good at leading the course, she was very understanding of the fact everyonehad a different level of previous knowledge on the subject matter. She kept it as engaging as possible (due to it being over Zoom).

Amy is also clearly very knowledgeable and I hope to be on one of her courses in the future 🙂

IOSH - Online Managing Safely Jan 2021


Course was excellently presented by a very knowledgable tutor, who kept it relevant and interesting.

For me personally it was a very worthwhile exercise and I feel my knowledge has been expanded.

Would very happily recommend others to attend the course.

CITB - SSSTS July 2021


One of the best tutors I have had to deliver a course, knowledge of all subject matter was excellent even with some of the questions some of the more senior members of the team threw at him.

Great presentation skills and personality.

Made ALL of the course content interesting

CITB SMSTS (London) - June 23


Really good and well communicated course with an excellent training method, I would definitely look to book additional courses when required.

Thank you Tom and Steve.



Excellent. Tutor was fantastic, explained everything and kept it enjoyable.

Fantastic facilities.

CITB SSSTS - August 2022


Louise was very good at putting the group at ease, she made the course enjoyable and interactive. She was always available to answer questions and was very approachable

NEBOSH NG1 - April 23


I have used Lighthouse Safety for several years and their service is absolutely 5 star (I would give more stars if I could). Gill is my main contact and she is so very helpful. Gill goes above and beyond. If I have any queries regarding H&S they are dealt with promptly. I honestly couldn’t praise them highly enough.

Lighthouse Compliance Services - 2024


I just wanted to say thanks for organising our CDM training over the last couple of weeks, it’s been really beneficial and Tom was great.


CDM Awareness - October 23


Michelle was very good.

A good mix of humour and informative knowledge.

Good level of information

Inident Investigation - March 23


I have spent the last three days at your establishment on the IOSH managing safely course with Gemma Talbot as the tutor.
More often then not in the environments that we work in people are quite often criticised and never praised for the work that they do.
In this instance Gemma and the team at the lighthouse have absolutely smashed it and I feel the recognition is needed as the course ran smoothly with no hiccups and all staff that were at the front line of the days were polite and really made me feel welcome for the duration of the day.
The course was delivered very well and in the right manner for ease of learning for all people in the room.
All staff were very polite, courteous and always very happy to go that extra mile.
Once again thank you to your team and especially Gemma.
Myself and my team will be using Lighthouse again very soon and you will come highly recommended from me.
IOSH Managing Safely, March 2020


Very informative and easy to understand and learn from Louise’s tutoring

CITB SSSTS - August 2022


Great course, very interactive and positive approach to learning using different methods to make sure all is understood. Would highly recommend.

CITB SMSTS - March 24


I recently attended the SMSTS course at your London facilities and would very much like to highlight my praises for the training received.

Lee Whall is an exceptional individual with an immense capability of delivering high quality, factual information.

Lee made the course interesting and fun, he also displayed a great command of the classroom (especially when individuals had their own “strong” opinions (not always the right ones)). Lee calmly re-corrected any “strong” incorrect information and continued with us on our learning journey.

A great course throughout, it was fully enjoyed by all and this is testament to Lee, I have personally worked within the training delivery sector for the past 11 years and in my opinion Lee is exceptional!

CITB SMSTS - June 23


Lee was good at running the course, he gave many different examples to understand the context

IOSH Managing Safely - March 23


I would like to say a big thank you to Sam who has been so helpful and encouraging in getting me though this certificate. All being well, I’m hoping to return to Lighthouse Safety in the new year to do NEBOSH Environmental

NEBOSH General, April 2022


Tom is a great tutor who explained everything in great detail.

He got everyone involved and had a lot of patience with everybody.

Extremely helpful and a great sense of humour, hope to be in one of his courses again in the future.

CITB SSSTS - January 2022


Very well delivered, top tutor.

I came away with a new found respect for H&S processes

CITB SSSTS - July 2022


Harry was engaging, entertaining and covered the course detail in an interesting way. Excellent support materials.

October 2018 (NEBOSH NGC1)


Having attended many health and safety courses, I found that Paul explained in a way that was clear and understood. Thank you.

Fire Marshall Training, June 2022


Great course, really informative, interesting and fun

Qualsafe Emergency First Aid - Feb 23

Simon, October 2018

Much better than expected.

Simon, October 2018


5 out of 5.

Expectations met and subjects covered

NEBOSH Incident Investigation - September 2020


Paul and Lou were very good instructors, they created a safe space for conversation. I would have liked a bit more content on boundary setting

MHFA England - Mental Health First Aid - March 24


Very easy to understand, presentable, all the questions have been answered and explained

IOSH Manaing Safely - March 23


I had some training with Lighthouse in Rainham last week and they were excellent!  Two of our guys are also on a course with them and they are also singing their praises.

October 2019


I rate Paul 10 out 10. Subject knowledge and guidance was excellent.

I feel more confident administering First Aid

Qualsafe First Aid - July 2020


Very good course. Well presented.  Good people to have on the course.  Enjoyable and informative.

SMSTS - October 2022


Good timing for each section of course and provide mini break in between.

Good selection of video

Fire Marshall - April 24


Well paced lessons, pitched at the level that meant all can understand.

Very good student interaction, kept attention at all times.

Instructor has a great depth of knowledge and experience.

NEBOSH NG1 - August 2020

Feedback: Nigel

Top course. Tom was great and entertaining



Very interesting, good pace and I’ve learnt a lot

Emergency First Aid At Work (November 2022)


Good role play so everyone got to try out equipment

Qualsafe Emergeny First Aid - March 23


Rick made a subject that can be considered as tedious, boring and dull into a fun enjoyable subject to learn and I can take a lot from the discussions we had as a class.

Ricks style of training was fun and enjoyable and recommendable.

NEBOSH NG1 - August 2020


Excellent course.

Our trainer was very knowledgable, had solid experience on the subject matter, went at a perfect pace and explained any questions we had in  an easy to understand way.

IOSH Managing Safely - August 2022


Very professional with a good knowledge of subjects and presented the course in a very enjoyable manner.

Health & Safety Awareness (December 2022)


Louise was very friendly and patient and helped us to understand the content of the syllabus, Louise was very supportive and made sure we had adequate breaks

NEBOSH NG1 April 2023


I have already recommended you, and they have recently sat the same course!

Lighthouse is a fantastic bunch of people and an absolute pleasure to have met them.

Keep up the fantastic training you deliver. Great team front and back.

NEBOSH NG1 - August 2020


Productive and informative couple of days. Both tutors did an excellent job.

CITB SSSTS - July 2022


Thank you again for the Directors IOSH training on Friday. You are clearly a man with passion for the subject and its proper implementation.

It was genuinely refreshing that you didn’t bang on about the prison sentences (as so many courses do) but aimed to inspire Directors and lead from the front. A far better way in my opinion.

IOSH Leading Safely - June 2021


Excellent instruction throughout the course from an instructor who is clearly a subject matter expert within his field.

I will highly recommend this training centre to anyone wanting to do these types of courses

CITB SSSTS - June 22

Feedback: Andy

Excellent explanation of each topic made understanding easier



Could not fault this course or the tutors.

Well managed , presented  and informative.

Happy to have attended and achieved my goal .

Many thanks to you all at Lighthouse .



Information and training delivered very clearly and thoroughly.

Thanks Steve.

CITB SMSTS Refresher - Jan 23

Mark, October 2018 (NEBOSH NGC1)

A very enjoyable and satisfying course with Rick. I have learnt loads. Made easier with his fun approach to teach.

Mark, October 2018 (NEBOSH NGC1)






NEBOSH General - March 2022


The learning provider delivered a great course and made the subject enjoyable and easy to follow,

they helped as must as they could and always gave feedback and guidance.

NEBOSH Construction - Jan 21


Great course, really informative.

Lovely place and  group of people.

Great Tutors

MHFA England Mental Health First Aid


Lou was welcoming and very helpful

CITB SMSTS July 2022


Not boring in any way, Ian keeps it interesting and involves people well

Qualsafe Emergency First Aid - March 23



Thank you very much.
Your methodology for passing NEBOSH exams certainly works. I know you knew this but nice to hear from someone who never even turned up for his school exams (me).
59 on my exam was more than expected as I know I left an easy 5-10 marks in my head. (the answers came flooding back on my journey home). I thought I nailed my practical but can’t complain with 72 marks.
I start my new job in 10 days in a SHEQ Advisor role and have my General course booked at the end of March.
Thanks again
NEBOSH Environmental - December 2020


Very good communication skills clear and deep explanation of topics helped with questions and solving issues I had with my course . Loved examples she mentioned on every topic she thought.

NEBOSH NG1 - April 23


Lee is a talented teacher who takes the time to listen to all opinions and answers, which makes a great difference to the enjoyability of learning.

Instead of just reading off the board, he offers an interactive approach whilst sharing personal experience and a wide range of knowledge on all matters health and safety.

I didn’t know what to expect during the course but Lee exceeded all my expectations and I’m much more knowledgeable on H&S

CITB SMSTS - July 2023

J Anderson

Harry made learning easy, using methods i’ve not experienced before.

Learnt more about things people have tried to teach me before.

CITB SMSTS Refresher - August 2020


Good pace.

One of the first ever courses where I didn’t get bored and lose concentration.

IOSH Managing Safely - March 23


Really enjoyed the course, Paul was just brilliant, made the course interactive and well presented

IOSH Managing Safely (London) - April 23


Rick, I wanted to thank you for your time and your great training style.

I have enjoyed the course and feel more confident as a manager to promote H&S culture within my team a more.

I hope I have passed the course and next step will be NEBOSH ( hoping you will be the trainer)

Thank you again for making the course fun, enjoyable but also very professional and thorough.

Online IOSH Managing Safely, June 2020

Daren, October 2018 (SMSTS)

Tutors did a great job explaining all the elements of the course. Making it relevant and explaining in user friendly terms to make it more understandable.

Daren, October 2018 (SMSTS)


Overall the course was well presented and well delivered.  Tutors were very welcoming and explained things/subjects very well.  This is the second time I’ve  undertaken a course with Lighthouse Safety and once again I am very satisfied – well done

NEBOSH Construction - July 2021

Chris, October 2018 (NEBOSH NGC1)

Thank you all. Brilliant course/instructors. Would and will highly recommend you.

Chris, October 2018 (NEBOSH NGC1)


Very knowledgable tutor, excellent style and delivery.

Appropriate presentation level for todays audience with relevant examples.

Bespoke HSE for Directors - November 2020


Good, knowledgeable Tutor with a great amount of area-specific knowledge.

CITB SMSTS Refresher - March 24

Caroline, October 2018 (IOSH Managing Safely)

Gemma was a really friendly trainer. She has a unique quality of reassuring and calming those anxious about the test. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and would definitely recommend to others.

Caroline, October 2018 (IOSH Managing Safely)


Brilliant and engaging. Will be back in 5 years

October 2022 (SMSTS Refresher)


Really informative course. Great tutor, keeps you engaged through a course with a lot of content and makes it enjoyable.

NEBOSH General - April 23


Facilities are fantastic.

Very efficient method of teaching, upbeat and very enjoyable.

The slides were very graphic which made a lasting impact.

Overall the course was very informative, efficient and fun

CITB SMSTS July 2023


As a new starter to Health and Safety this has been very useful.

Information overload but great knowledge taken away.

Great training.

IOSH Managing Safely - April 2021


Excellent tutor. Engaging and knowledgeable. Highly recommended.

October 2018 (NEBOSH NGC1)


Loved the banter and the humour – helped to make the subject easier to absorb.

October 2018 (NEBOSH NGC1)


A brilliant course. lots of information  that help understand more about fire.

Looking forward to the next course.

November 2022 (NEBOSH Fire)


Think Harry is very engaging. Made the course easier to pick up. Thank you.

October 2018 (NEBOSH NGC1)


Very informative course, well put together and in an easy relaxed environment to help people be at ease and make the course less stressful and calming. Excellent.

Qualsafe Emergency First Aid at Work - April 2022


Topics were discussed in a very thorough and sensitive manner and I feel very well prepared to support others in maintaining good mental health.

MHFA England Mental Health First Aid - October 23


Harry read the room well. Loved having non Tesco people on course as gave great insight into other ways of working. Relaxed environment. Appreciate the dedication of whatsapp etc.

October 2018 (NEBOSH NGC1)


Good mix of breaks to keep attention levels high. Good mix of tutor/personal interaction. Balance of tutor/self work good mix.

October 2018 (NEBOSH NGC1)


Wasn’t boring, enjoyed the 2 days. Nice piece of kit (presentation screen)

Facilities were smart and presentable

CITB SMSTS Refresher - Jan 23


Concise and it covered all info.

Fire Marshall Training - June 2021

James, October 2018

The teacher (Rick) was very helpful and explained the questions clearly.

James, October 2018

Feedback: R Jones

Well run course, tutor was very interactive. I liked that the slides were used more of  an aid rather than relied on which is a great presentation style.

There was a good engagement with the group with good discussions. A good range of resources and info used

IOSH Managing Safely


Harry managed to engage with all the delegates of the course. Content was good and very well presented. Amazingly, Lighthouse have renewed my enthusiasm to take further courses.

July 2019 (NGC1)

Anon, October 2018 (CDM Awareness)

Course tutor was very good. Kept the information of the course relevant and engaging.

Anon, October 2018 (CDM Awareness)


Courses are well planned, great training staff – always on time.  Am really happy with feedback from employees with regards to training.  Highly recommended.

July 2021


Superb course and facilities. Thank you James for making our experience enjoyable and educational.  I will definitely recommend Lighthouse to others.

SMSTS (September 2019)


I did my NEBOSH course here around 5 years ago and I still remember the content from my time with lighthouse safety training, it’s what triggered me to write this review – highly recommend!

NEBOSH General - 2019


Tutor was very good at explaining each point and ensuring that what was being taught was being understood by all taking part

Work At Height - October 22


The course I attended last week was very good.  Obviously the reason for attendance was to ‘tick the boxes’ and ‘get’ the certificate, however the information learnt, the method(s) of teaching, the environment, and delivery were all outstanding.

The only negative experience of the whole course was travel related and if Sunlight could prevent major holdups on the M25 in future that would be great!

CITB SSSTS - June 2021


Very engaging course

Qualsafe First Aid - July 2022


Very informative course with good instructor.

CDM Awareness - March 23


Gemma was engaging and delivered the course well.  She had plenty of knowledge on the subject and answered all questions from the delegates.

October 2019 (IOSH Managing Safely)
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