IOSH Managing Safely®

The IOSH Managing Safely® course develops the legal, moral and social duties of sector supervisors, managers or directors by giving guidance on how to control their workforce in accordance with current health & safety and best practice.

Usually run as a 3 day block course, this course can also be run one day a week over 3 weeks.  Our Managing Safely® courses are run frequently in Wandsworth London or we are happy to deliver in-house courses at preferential rates.



£395plus VAT (£474 Total cost)

(These costs include exams and all associated costs and is dependent on location)

Course Content

The IOSH Managing Safely® Course held in London covers recognising commonly found workplace hazards and knowing how to control them, determining why accidents involving injury or damage occur in the workplace.  It also explains how aspects of human behaviour can affect health and safety at work, how to apply principles of good management to health and safety, how to use effective communication and make sure that health and safety law is obeyed within their own workplace, whilst covering the principles of management, health and safety law, accident causation and prevention, risk assessment and control, monitoring safety performance, human factors and communications, occupational health hazards, machinery safeguarding, electrical safety, fire prevention, and manual and mechanical handling.  Other subjects bespoke to company requirements can also be covered. There are many interactive exercises to enhance the learning experience.

This course is designed for people in supervisory or management positions in all types of organisations, who need a broad understanding of health and safety at work.  Directors of companies have also greatly benefited from attending. This internationally-recognised training course is also ideal for companies that need to meet the ever increasing demand for evidence of health and safety compliance. Companies have been known to develop a competitive edge as a result of what they have learnt during the course and subsequently put into practice.

The course is assessed by a short assessment paper and post-course practical assignment. An electronic certificate will be awarded for successful completion of both elements.

The IOSH Managing Safely® course typically last four days, timings are 8.30 am – 5 pm daily. The course can be delivered as a 3 Day Block or one day a week over a three week period, or any combination of multiple days over consecutive weeks. The IOSH Managing Safely® certificate does not have an expiry date however IOSH recommend that candidates undergo a refresher course every five years.

Typical fees for open courses are £395 plus VAT; however this can vary for in house courses (dependant on location and numbers). The course fees are inclusive of the IOSH Managing Safely® Workbook and certification charges.

We run open IOSH Managing Safely® courses regularly in our training centre in Wandsworth London or we are happy to travel to your location if suitable facilities are available.

It pays to be selective when booking training courses because not all training providers are what they appear to be. When booking an IOSH Managing Safely® Course you need to feel assured that your training provider is fully licenced to provide that training and is not then going to sub-contract the work. Lighthouse Safety are fully accredited by IOSH to provide IOSH Managing Safely® course an d proof of that accreditation can be seen at our accreditation page.

Feedback: Alexis

It would be my personal preference to do a mock at the end of day one just to be aware of the form and requirements.

The course was simple with clear explanations all modules, really useful learning.

IOSH Managing Safely February 2024

Feedback: R Jones

Well run course, tutor was very interactive. I liked that the slides were used more of  an aid rather than relied on which is a great presentation style.

There was a good engagement with the group with good discussions. A good range of resources and info used

IOSH Managing Safely


Paul was excellent, very knowledgable and a very good way of explaining things with an obviously good experience to call upon.

IOSH Managing Safely (London) - Apr 23


Really enjoyed the course, Paul was just brilliant, made the course interactive and well presented

IOSH Managing Safely (London) - April 23


Good pace.

One of the first ever courses where I didn’t get bored and lose concentration.

IOSH Managing Safely - March 23


Lee was good at running the course, he gave many different examples to understand the context

IOSH Managing Safely - March 23


Very easy to understand, presentable, all the questions have been answered and explained

IOSH Manaing Safely - March 23


Presented brilliantly and made the course subject very straightforward and easy to understand.

Would recommend this course and tutor to my colleagues for the future.

IOSH Managing Safely - September 2022


Excellent course.

Our trainer was very knowledgable, had solid experience on the subject matter, went at a perfect pace and explained any questions we had in  an easy to understand way.

IOSH Managing Safely - August 2022

S Brisley


IOSH Managing Safely - March 22


Just wanted to thank you and the team over at Lighthouse Safety for delivering the IOSH Managing Safely course for us at 36 Engineer Regiment, really appreciate it.

Hopefully we can arrange some further training in the future.

IOSH Managing Safely - JAN 22


Good course, very informative and well taught but should be extended to 4 days.

IOSH Managing Safely - Nov 2021


The course was perfectly planned, great opportunity’s to ask question throughout.

The videos shown had a good impact and points put across.

IOSH Managing Safely - Nov 2021


All did a great job of making everyone relaxed. Very good, laid back and enjoyable atmosphere. he injection of personality is a refreshing change from a normally stagnant class room environment & was very much appreciated.

October 2021 (IOSH Managing Safely)


Enjoyable course with good visual effects. Real life examples and handouts. Easily understand tutor and was able to answer questions if arised.

October (IOSH Managing Safely)


Paul was very knowledgable on the subject and put the information across in a fun, easy to understand way. I especially liked how we re capped all the way through to ensure understanding”

IOSH Managing Safely - August 2021



IOSH Managing Safely - August 2021


Paul was knowledgable about the course, communicated very well and answered questions

IOSH Managing Safely - July 2021


I will be recommending this course and Lighthouse Safety to colleagues and industry partners

IOSH Managing Safely - June 2021


Online training not online.

Overall though a good course and really good tutor.

IOSH Managing Safely - April 2021


As a new starter to Health and Safety this has been very useful.

Information overload but great knowledge taken away.

Great training.

IOSH Managing Safely - April 2021


Great 3 days, good atmosphere and really enjoyed course.

April 2021 (IOSH Managing Safely)


All very well run and spread out over the three days. Paul helped to present the information in a manner that was easy to digest and retain. Thanks. I will look forward to using the course knowledge when I return to work.

April 2021 (IOSH Managing Safely)


Excellent course.  Helpful Tutor, very knowledgeable.

Enjoyable until the exam!

April 2021 (IOSH Managing Safely)


Amy was very good at leading the course, she was very understanding of the fact everyonehad a different level of previous knowledge on the subject matter. She kept it as engaging as possible (due to it being over Zoom).

Amy is also clearly very knowledgeable and I hope to be on one of her courses in the future 🙂

IOSH - Online Managing Safely Jan 2021


Very informative.

Course leader very helpful

IOSH Managing Safely - September 2020


Very informative.

Course leader very helpful.

IOSH Managing Safely - September 2020


Rick, I wanted to thank you for your time and your great training style.

I have enjoyed the course and feel more confident as a manager to promote H&S culture within my team a more.

I hope I have passed the course and next step will be NEBOSH ( hoping you will be the trainer)

Thank you again for making the course fun, enjoyable but also very professional and thorough.

Online IOSH Managing Safely, June 2020


Just wanted to say a quick thank you for all the help during the course. A lot of information but you were most helpful and made it easier for us for sure!

Not quite Zoom but teams did the job in the end 😉

Hopefully see you in the near future if I dare tackle on the NEBOSH course, provided this one goes all well that is!


Online IOSH Managing Safely, June 2020


I have spent the last three days at your establishment on the IOSH managing safely course with Gemma Talbot as the tutor.
More often then not in the environments that we work in people are quite often criticised and never praised for the work that they do.
In this instance Gemma and the team at the lighthouse have absolutely smashed it and I feel the recognition is needed as the course ran smoothly with no hiccups and all staff that were at the front line of the days were polite and really made me feel welcome for the duration of the day.
The course was delivered very well and in the right manner for ease of learning for all people in the room.
All staff were very polite, courteous and always very happy to go that extra mile.
Once again thank you to your team and especially Gemma.
Myself and my team will be using Lighthouse again very soon and you will come highly recommended from me.
IOSH Managing Safely, March 2020


Gemma made everyone feel welcome, engaged everyone and has the patience of a saint . Excellent tutor Thank you Gemma.

January 2020 (IOSH Managing Safely)


The trainer was brilliant, explained things thoroughly and answered questions.  The delivery of the course over the 3 days has been very informative, interesting and definitely will take away with me the new knowledge I have for the health & Safety information delivered.

January 2020 (IOSH Managing Safely)


Gemma was very professional at all times. She has a very good knowledge of what she is talking about and is a credit to your business. Gemma has very good people skills and has been a superstar throughout this course. Gemma has made this very enjoyable and I would recommend this to anyone.

January 2020 (IOSH Managing Safely)


Very good interaction led by Gemma.  Well explained, continual checks to ensure that all was being taken on board. Well executed.

January 2020 (IOSH Managing Safely)


Did not know what to expect, wasn’t expecting the course to as entertaining as it was.  Gemma was personable, patient, knowledgeable and fun.  Would definitely be pleased to be on any course she was running.

January 2020 (IOSH Managing Safely)


Tutor was really helpful with a good sense of humour.  Great course by a great trainer with a lovely personality.

January 2020 (IOSH Managing Safely)


Enjoyable course, not a chore to be here!

October 2019 (IOSH Managing Safely)


Gemma was engaging and delivered the course well.  She had plenty of knowledge on the subject and answered all questions from the delegates.

October 2019 (IOSH Managing Safely)


Really good course – very useful and would thoroughly recommend

October 2019 (IOSH Managing Safely)


Great course.  Everything was covered and fully explained.

October 2019 (IOSH Managing Safely)


Very well run, good quality course.  Gathered a good understanding of managing safely.

October 2019 (IOSH Managing Safely)


Best training I’ve done in many years, credit to Tom great tutor.

August 2019 (IOSH Managing Safely)


Excellent training technique, Tom is an excellent trainer.

August 2019 (IOSH Managing Safely)


This was a very enjoyable course with a very knowledgeable instructor who new how to cater for all abilities in the class to get the best outcome for all delegates.

August 2019 (IOSH Managing Safely)


Refreshing, engaging, delivered in a manner that’s relateable.

IOSH Managing Safely (August 20109)


The most enjoyable course I have ever attended.  It didn’t feel like a course more like having a chat but the knowledge was easy to take in and understand.  Our instructor was brilliant at delivering the information and implanting the knowledge which I have gained.

IOSH Managing Safely (August 2019)


Exceeded expectations.  More interesting than I thought. Informative and detailed but to the point. Tutor was informative and funny, breaks it up.  Really enjoyable course.

July 2019 (IOSH Managing Safely)


Tom made this course, his approach to training is second to none.  A credit to Lighthouse Training.

July 2019 (IOSH Managing Safely)


Louise was an excellent trainer showing great patience and an ability  to keep differently abled candidates up to speed effortlessly.  Presentation and explanation of course content was second to none.  Very impressed by her abilities.

May 2019 (IOSH Managing Safely)


Excellent course. Fun and entertaining at times. Informative and realistic

May 2019 (IOSH Managing Safely)


Very clear explanation of course material with plenty of real life examples.  Gemma conducted the course in a relaxed and well paced manner and kept it lighthearted where appropriate.

May 2018 (IOSH Managing Safely)


Very professional tutor, motivated the group well and led interesting and challenging conversations.

May 2019 (IOSH Managing Safely)


Rick obviously knows his subject inside and out and attempted to divulge as much info as possible without drowning us, yet having enough to be able to understand and put into use later.  Wicked sense of humour.

March 2019 (IOSH Managing Safely)


Really enjoyed the course heavy going but the tutors teaching style helped to pull the more relevant information to the front. Gave good advice on what to focus on for revision.

Also, good sense of humour (tutor) and made everyone feel included and at ease.

March 2019 (IOSH Managing Safely)


Gemma was a really friendly trainer. She has a unique quality of reassuring and calming those anxious about the test. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and would definitely recommend to others.

October 2018 (IOSH Managing Safely)


Good course, great tutor, fine bunch of fellow pupils. Good extra info from Gemma with relevant examples. Good supply of biscuits!

April 2018 (IOSH Managing Safely)


Gemma’s teaching style was great, catering to everyone’s additional needs. Also very knowledgeable, caring and helpful.

April 2018 (IOSH Managing Safely)


Had a really enjoyable week. I’ve learnt so much in just four days.

April 2018 (IOSH Managing Safely)


An excellent course and I would strongly recommend to others too. The course content was excellent. The tutor was very knowledgeable and has excellent teaching skills.

November 2017 (IOSH Managing Safely)


Excellent course and refreshed and added to the knowledge I already had. Tutor very friendly, approachable and informative. Would recommend course and trainer to others.

November 2017 (IOSH Managing Safely)


The course was delivered by the tutor very clearly with suitable videos and material.

November 2017 (IOSH Managing Safely)


Very impressed – would recommend.

November 2017 (IOSH Managing Safely)


Excellent awareness covering all relevant areas. Stephen was patient, clear and ensuring all colleagues were competent with the knowledge of Health & Safety. Thoroughly recommend to Berry Gardens.

November 2017 (IOSH Managing Safely)


Very knowledgeable and entertaining. Happy with the course and tutor.

February 2017 (IOSH Managing Safely)


Really enjoyed these training sessions – great trainer, very helpful. Great knowledge, Thank you.

February 2017 (IOSH Managing Safely)


Happy with most aspects and found a hard subject interesting very good.

August 2016 (IOSH Managing Safely)


Gemma conducted the course very well, and can be commended on this

July 2016 (IOSH Managing Safely)


The course was very well run, looking forward to coming back and completing the NEBOSH General. Kept us all stocked up on biscuits and tea throughout. Thanks

July 2016 (IOSH Managing Safely)


Course was well presented, tutor made it enjoyable and time elapsed quickly. Information given was of high quality.

July 2016 (IOSH Managing Safely)


Rick is extremely knowledgeable and made the learning enjoyable and fun. Will definitely recommend Lighthouse for training

April 2016 (IOSH Managing Safely)


Staff/instructor very polite, helpful and instructive.

April 2016 (IOSH Managing Safely)


A very worthwhile course. Feel that is one of the most useful courses I have been on and has developed my skills more than most.

April 2016 (IOSH Managing Safely)


Good group kept atmosphere lively and enjoyable and aided learning process.

November 2015 (IOSH Managing Safely)


Really enjoyed the course. Rick was great, very personable and professional.

November 2015 (IOSH Managing Safely)


I had to give a small presentation on the course the following week at a conference I attended. I praised you up big time and got a very good response from the audience, so hopefully some more business coming your way. I would just like to say what an excellent course it was, taught by an outstanding trainer!

October 2015 (IOSH Managing Safely)


Trainer made the course fun and easy to follow and a generally welcoming environment. i would recommend to everyone

July 2015 (IOSH Managing Safely)


I enjoyed the course, lots of information and good help of what we can put into practice back at the yard where we lack & where we can improve. Ricks information & knowledge is exceptional and answered any questions to clear up any misunderstanding.

February 2014 (IOSH Managing Safely)

All accounts are payable in full prior to the start of any course.  Course results will only be processed once full payment has been received. Results are processed within 7 days of the course end. Should the payment not be received by this date your results will not be processed resulting in your course becoming obsolete. Payment can be made by debit/credit card and bank transfer. Please note that if paying by corporate credit card there is an additional 3% fee.

You may cancel a scheduled course and be refunded all course fees provided more than 30 working days’ notice (working days excludes all statutory bank holidays) is given. All cancellations must be received in writing and acknowledged by Lighthouse Safety Training Ltd.  Delegates may be substituted at any time up to course commencement. In the event of cancellation within the 30-day notice period, the following charges will be applied.

  • More than 7 days to 30 days – ½ fees refundable
  • Less than 7 days – Full fees are payable

In a situation where a course is run exclusively for a customer – at Lighthouse Safety offices, on a customer site or any other alternative venue – the same cancellation terms apply. Should you need or wish to cancel for any reason there is a 48-hour cooling off period, from the date these terms and conditions are signed, where no cancellation fees will be enforced.

If it is necessary for Lighthouse Safety Training Ltd to cancel or reschedule a course, we will endeavour to give a minimum of 7 days’ notice. In such circumstances a full refund or alternative dates will be available and all liability by Lighthouse Safety Training Ltd will be limited to the value of the original course fee. If an attendee(s) should be unable to attend any day of our training courses, we will only accept extenuating circumstances for transfers and this will be at the discretion of Lighthouse Safety Training Ltd as to what the transfer or additional charges will be. Please note: extenuating circumstances does not include work-based issues such as work load or holidays. If a valid medical certificate is not provided for illness, then the candidate will need to attend the full course again and full fees will be payable.

Lighthouse Safety Training Ltd reserve the right to adjust the content of any course to reflect changes or new developments. All course material, content and visual aids are copyright Lighthouse Safety Training Ltd and may not be reproduced in any form without the express written permission of Lighthouse Safety Training Ltd.

Course attendees shall observe the safety and security regulations in force at the premises where the training takes place, these regulations are available for inspection at the premises.

Lighthouse Safety Training Ltd shall have no liability whatsoever whether in contract, tort, including negligence, breach of statutory duty or otherwise for any loss or damage suffered by a customer arising from, or connected with, errors in any course material or incorrect or incomplete instruction or tuition given at a course.

Naturally we aim to fully satisfy all your H&S training requirements; but we recognise that there may be times when you may not be totally happy with our service provision. If in the unfortunate situation your needs have not been addressed correctly we will treat your complaint seriously and professionally and would ask you to request our leaflet – ‘HOW TO COMPLAIN ABOUT OUR SERVICES.’

These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in all respects in accordance to English law.

Please see our Privacy Policy which is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulations.

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