Health & Safety Policy Writing

Health & Safety Policy Writing

A health and safety policy document should be a bespoke document covering the whole spectrum of your company’s business. This should be written with your business activities in mind and tailored to suit your needs.

This document should contain three parts, and can be supplemented by as many forms and procedures as you require.

  • Part 1 – Should be a Statement of Intent signed by a Senior Director.
  • Part 2 – Should include an organisational chart along with defined health & safety roles and responsibilities for all your staff.
  • Part 3 – Contains the company arrangements – put simply, your policy and procedures.

We are happy to assist in writing this document. However, although we can advise on the contents, co-operation from you, to define facts about your company, will be required for us to define and finalise the document. We are also happy to implement any management system and facilitate any training required for all your individuals to know their responsibilities.

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