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For over 10 years now we have been providing H&S advice and consultancy to many different types of organisations. We range from construction activities to car garages, from insurance companies to cleaning companies.

It is always a tough sell to companies to advertise their health and safety standards as a unique selling point for the business. Recently we have represented a client of Lighthouse Safety, in a meet the client scenario. We produced a presentation of the work we have conducted so far and work we are aiming to conduct in the next year. The response from the meeting we had was overwhelming. We finally had an opportunity to show our true skill and passion and it highlighted our clients own commitments to H&S.

Imagine you have an opportunity to wow and show off your efforts on Health and safety to your clients. Many clients today prioritise H&S as their number one concern. We were told, that we delivered the most unique and proactive presentation seen by the client of our customer. It has unlocked a whole host of business opportunities and secure countless amounts of work. Please do not get me wrong, quality and reliability or the work undertaken is still needs to be important, but your quality and reliability will be worth nothing if you have had injuries and accidents occur during the task!

If you do not believe me, see the link below from the UK Construction Group (UKCG):


(UKCG is the primary association for contractors and their supply chain partners operating in the UK. Together, UKCG members account for a third of construction output in the UK. This provides strength to leverage our knowledge, experience and relationships. 64p of every £1 sub-contracted by UKCG members goes to SMEs.)

Setting high standards and showing off is a key part of business and a key part of winning work. Be proactive and show off you high standards. Not only do you become a more desirable company, you will undoubtedly save lives and protect your workers.

And of course we can assist, we can deliver any H&S requirement asked.


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