Testing reveals ‘very concerning’ PPE quality


CN Reports testing has found a “very concerning” lack of standards in unregistered personal protective equipment (PPE) supplies, the British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF) has warned.

The BSIF tested 127 products sold in 2022 by companies that were not among its members. This included checking compliance with relevant standards as well as testing whether the products performed as advertised.

Some 108 of these products (85 per cent) – many of which are still being sold – were not fully compliant, the BSIF said. Examples of inadequate products included “cut-resistant gloves” that didn’t pass the relevant cut test and a safety harness and lanyard provided without user instructions or documentation.

In contrast, 86 per cent of 387 products from the BSIF’s registered safety suppliers passed testing immediately. The BSIF said that all the issues identified with the remaining 14 per cent had since been resolved.

BSIF chief executive Alan Murray said: “Our latest findings are very concerning and reinforce the importance of only using a BSIF-registered safety supplier when procuring PPE and safety equipment.

“The reality is that selling PPE and safety equipment comes with complex responsibilities and it can be hard for even the most diligent suppliers to keep up with the rules and regulations. That’s why at the BSIF we maintain that even though anyone can sell safety, you shouldn’t buy safety from just anyone.

“We urge all buyers and specifiers to review their current processes and consider what assurances they have that the PPE and safety equipment they are being supplied with is fit for purpose.”

The BSIF carried out testing between December 2021 and December 2022.

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March 9, 2023 | Categories: Lighthouse News |
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