We are always pleased to get positive feedback from our clients and here are just a few testimonials that we’ve received …

Highly informative and delivered in a clear, concise and engaging manner.  Will be extremely useful to apply what I’ve learned on site.
Alfie, August 2018 (SSSTS) 

Teaching methods are engaging and kept the group entertained. A lot of content was covered in a small amount of time so keeping people engaged is necessary.
Katie, August 2018 (SMSTS)

Good course, made what can be a dull subject fairly enjoyable.
Matt, August 2018 (SMSTS)

Instructors were very knowledgeable and professional lessons were delivered with confidence and light hearten, however always highlighted the importance of good Health & Safety. Handouts were very helpful and will be referring to them in the future. Overall very good course.
Sam, August 2018 (SMSTS)

Rick was very good. Made a course (which could be seen as dull) interesting.
Bradley, August 2018 (Health & Safety Awareness)

Rick was a great tutor, great day of learning.
Chris, August 2018 (Health & Safety Awareness)

Tutor was great, delivered all material clearly and concisely so could be understood visual aids well used.
anon, July 2018 (Working at Height) 

Eye opening course, very well taught.
Cameron, July 2018 (SSSTS)

Great laugh, easy to talk to and explained things very well. Top class training.  Probably best I had.
Ben, July 2018 (SSSTS)

Really enjoyed my time learning here with Harry.  From the first day you could see his passion and belief in what he does and this comes across throughout the week.  I would definitely recommend Lighthouse to anyone in the future wanting to do this course.
Neil, July 2018 (NEBOSH NGC1)

Just wanted to say thanks again for all your efforts in prepping us all for it. Appreciate the breadth and variety of the material you bring, and for keeping it real and meaningful for everyday life – and not just passing an exam.
James, July 2018 (NEBOSH) 

Passion for H&S comes across well and his enthusiasm to try and make sure all workers go home after their day at work safe and well.
Darren, July 2018 (SMSTS)

The course was very educational/  Rick made learning enjoyable.  I can imagine a course such as this could become tedious with the amount of info to digest, this was not the case here.  Thanks Rick.
Joc, July 2018 (SMSTS) 

Rick made it light hearted and easy going although highlighted (when needed) the seriousness of some aspects of the course.
Luke, July 2018 (SMSTS)

Found the whole set up, course content, tutors, a good relaxing environment for learning.
Lisa, July 2018 (SMSTS) 

Brilliant course run by Rick.  Enthusiastic which made me enjoy this course.  Very knowledgeable and taught me a lot about health and safety.  A pleasurable 2 days.
Tom, July 2018 (SSSTS)

Harry is, without doubt, the most engaging Training provider I have come across, and the responsiveness of the Group as a whole reflected his enthusiasm for what he was teaching us.
Neal, June 2018 (NEBOSH Construction) 

An extremely detailed course delivered  knowledgeably and patiently by Glenn.
Angela, June 2018 (Transport Management CPC)

A very informative and necessary course. Rick has a very approachable character and is very knowledgeable and helpful.  I really enjoyed this course and have gained the required knowlegde to assist me in my workplace.
Andrew, June 2018 (CDM Awareness)

Another well managed, coordinated, resourced and presented course from Lighthouse. Rick ran an informative and enjoyable course which was pitched at exactly the right level for the group.  Excellent!
Chris, May 2018 (NEBOSH Fire and Risk Management)

Well run course, content was good.  Tutor mixed his styles to suit different needs.  Good but appropriate humour used.  Would highly recommend.
Terry, May 2018 (NEBOSH Fire and Risk Management) 

Really enjoyed the course.  Lots of help and support.  The presentations access will be really beneficial.  Excellent week.
Anon, May 2018 (GC2 NEBOSH General Certificate) 

I found the course thoroughly enjoyable. I learned a lot while also having fun.  Ricks way of teaching was very effective and not just death by power point. Will definitely be coming back.
Chris, May 2018 (NEBOSH General Certificate) 

Course was explained very well.  The video was particularly interesting.  Reminds me of not being complacent on site and being aware of my surroundings.
Robert, April 2018 (Supervisors Safety)

Course was educational, learnt a lot, things were made clearer.  The tutor was well spoken and clear.  It wasn’t rushed. The video opened my eyes to be grateful for everything in life.
Tom, April 2018 (Supervisor Safety) 

A very well run course, very well supported with the documentation that was issued.
Scott, April 2018 (NGC1 NEBOSH)

Excellent tutor, great knowledge made the course enjoyable, great value for money. Thank you Rick.
John, April 2018 (NGC1 NEBOSH)

Brilliant course real eye opener, good in depth subjects. Thanks Rick.
Bradley, April 2018 (NGC1 NEBOSH)

The learning styles covered by handouts, cloud and presentations is the best I have seen. very useful and made studying in and out of the classroom a pleasure.
Dan, April 2018 (NGC1 NEBOSH)

I found the course engaging and informative, I would definitely recommend to others.
James, April 2018 (NGC1 NEBOSH)

Very well presented and very informative.  Well worth attending.
Alan, April 2018 (ABC)

I would just like to pass on my thanks for the very informative C.D.M awareness training I undertook yesterday in Bedfordshire. I thought the tutor was very knowledgeable and was able to put the CDM regulations across in a way that everyone could understand, and also making it relevant to the work we do.  Not the easiest of subjects to teach I’m sure!
Steve, April 2018 (CDM Seminar) 

Good course, great tutor, fine bunch of fellow pupils.  Good extra info from Gemma with relevant examples.   Good supply of biscuits!
Nev, April 2018 (IOSH Managing Safely)

Gemma’s teaching style was great, catering to everyone’s additional needs.  Also very knowledgeable, caring and helpful.
Nicha, April 2018 (IOSH Managing Safely) 

Had a really enjoyable week.  I’ve learnt so much in just four days.
Helen, April 2018 (IOSH Managing Safely)

Harry has the ability to present the topic in an informative and fun way.  The selection of supportive videos and add-on information provided from personal experience was relevant to the aims of the course.  Well done.
Alex, April 2018 (SEATS)

Very good style of presentation, relate-able, good pace.  kept audience engaged.
Jenine, April 2018 (SEATS)

Harry was a great course instructor, presented all materials in a clear and accessible way.
Andy, March 2018 (Health & Safety Awareness)

Excellent course, Empowering and informative.
Colin, April 2018 (Supervisors Course)

I enjoyed the course, I did learn a lot of things and I would love to do more training anytime.
Daniela, April 2018 (Supervisors Course) 

Tutor was very good and clear over all subjects that was covered.  Good laugh in some pints and made it fun to learn.
Jamie, April 2018 (Supervisors Course) 

A very informative and well present course.  Rick displayed an experienced and knowledgeable view and was able to relate to us in a professional manner.  Would recommend this course and venue to any colleagues and would use again.
Trevor, March 2018 (SMSTS Refresher) 

By far the best, well run, presented course I have attended.  I thought I was in for a mind numbing two days but Rick made it enjoyable and in turn made it easy to learn.  I hope any future courses are with Lighthouse.  Dan, March 2018 (SSSTS)

This course made me much more aware of the risks and procedures on site and Rick made it a much more enjoyable experience and taught in a way that made it easy to understand.
Nathaniel, March 2018 (SSSTS) 

Really enjoyed my time at Lighthouse!  Facilities are great, enjoyed the course, although its proved tricky at times.  But massive thanks to Glenn’s professionalism and wealth of knowledge and for having lots of patience with those tricky times.  Thanks to all!
Karley, March 2018 (Transport Management)

Thank you again for yesterday’s training, I say thank you even though I paid for the privilege to be there but want to thank you for delivering it in such a way that genuinely captured me for the first minute! Hard hitting, engaging, honest and really made everyone in the room remove all their own personal opinions on H&S process and make sure everyone fully understands its primary cause…..to protect the HUMAN.  I really enjoyed yesterday and with a young business has really made me want to present my business in a particular way to my staff and subcontractors to make sure everyone understands and has the safe focus to H&S and how to keep each other safe the best we can.
Ezio, March 2018 (Directors Role in Health & Safety) 

Really glad I attended revision.  Its a must.
Jason, March 2018 (NEBOSH Revision)

Great course, high level detail.  Good training, advice and prep for exam.  Good knowledge, great support from trainers.
Richard, March 2018 (NEBOSH Revision) 

Course was very professionally delivered. Rick a credit to Lighthouse Safety Training.
Shaun, February 2018 (SMSTS)

Professional, explanation clear, instruction providing information explaining all aspects. Enjoyable course.
Dirk, February 2018 (SMSTS)

Rick has the ability to maintain your attention and get across the content in a way which makes the course enjoyable. he can include humor along with a good teaching method.
Mike, February 2018 (SMSTS)

Excellent – As expected.
Mike, February 2018 (NEBOSH Environmental)

Yet again a very well presented course.
Kevin, February 2018 (NEBOSH Environmental)

Rick was very good at explaining the course content.
April, February 2018 (NEBOSH Environmental)

The course is great.  Harry is engaging and knowledgeable.  He is always available and welcoming, and very funny!  The ‘additional’ elements – e.g. slides and audio are great and over and above anything I have ever received before.  I would recommend Lighthouse to anyone as a result of Harry’s attitude and outlook. Thanks Harry.
Toby, February 2018 (NEBOSH Construction)

Excellent course.  Harry is an excellent trainer and is the best I have ever had.
Tom, February 2018 (NEBOSH Construction) 

Brilliant teaching, fully involving and encouraging to all.
Neal, February 2018 (NEBOSH Construction)

I shall recommend Harry to anybody.  His courses are fantastic.  Great.  Enjoyed everyday here.
Joseph, February 2018 (NEBOSH Construction)

All very well explained, Steve was very knowledgeable and extremely helpful.
Patrick, February 2018 (SSSTS) 

Excellent course. Gave me a far greater understanding and reaffirmed current knowledge.
Richard, February 2018 (NEBOSH General Certificate) 

Rick showed great enthusiasm whilst educating us, very engaging and focused.
Garry, February 2018 (NEBOSH General Certificate) 

Harry is clearly very passionate about his role in delivering the course and the opportunity for his trainees to achieve the best result they can achieve in the subject.  Thank you.
Jacky, February 2018 (NEBOSH General Certificate) 

Great course, Harry keeps us all engaged throughout the week.  Videos are good to break up each section and to help understanding.
Abby, February 2018 (NEBOSH General Certificate) 

Great course, lots of info – just need to remember it all!  Harry delivered the training well, maintained interest and kept us going.  Great job Harry well done.
Francesca, February 2018 (NEBOSH General Certificate)

Very knowledgeable tutor, full of passion and energy.  Delivered the content with humour.  I really enjoyed the course.
Jo, February 2018 (NEBOSH General Certificate)

Excellent friendly approachable tutors, excellent facilities.
Phil, January 2018 (SMSTS)

A well run and managed course in comfortable surroundings. Sufficient breaks.  Friendly approach.
Tony, January 2018 (SMSTS Ref)

Course tutor Rick had great level of knowledge, enthusiasm for subject matter, clear delivery method and passionate about H&S.  Very good and would gladly recommend to others.  Thanks.
Mark, January 2018 (SMSTS Ref)

Gemma is an excellent trainer.  Course is well lead and informative and presented.
Sharon, January 2018 (Health and Safety in the Workplace)

Very clear and informative.  Trainer is able to keep your interest and attention throughout.
Kylie, January 2018 (Health & Safety in the Workplace)

Good Fun, good learning environment.
Amanda, January 2018 (Health & Safety in the Workplace)

Rick explained everything very well, lots of literature covered.
Jack, January 2018 (SEATS)

A refreshing approach to what can be a very dry subject which made you think and gave a good explanation in the various roles and responsibilities under CDM.
David, January 2018 (CDM Awareness) 

Very engaging and knowledgeable.  Knew what he was talking about and helped out in any way he could.
Josh, January 2018 (CDM Awareness) 

Rick made us all comfortable and the course was very explanatory. Facilities were excellent over all a good course and excellent trainer.
William, January 2018 (Health & Safety Awareness) 

I was feeling nervous prior to the start of the course as its been over 30 years since a classroom environment.  Harry had made learning fun and enjoyable.  Balanced approach to homework.  Very supportive.  I leave knowing what I have to personally do to pass the course.
Jason, January 2018 (NEBOSH NGC1) 

Harry has made the course interactive and enjoyable even though the course is intense and a lot to take in.  All the extra material provided and the online toolkit will help and wasn’t expected :).  I’m sure this will be used a lot in between the courses to help revision.  Thank you.  Harry was great at answering ‘all’ my questions.
Abby, January 2018 (NEBOSH NGC1) 

Andy has been a fantastic, knowledge and interesting trainer.  I have found some of the course tough (due to me not Andy) but Andy has really made me confident I can achieve something.  I have learnt so much. I would have no trouble in and will be recommending Lighthouse.
Faye, January 2018 (NEBOSH NGC1)

A very good week! All staff are friendly and helpful.  The slides and video prepared by Harry are fantastic and well above anything I have received from similar scenarios.  Good facilities, good food.   A positive culture throughout.
Toby, January 2018 (NEBOSH NGC1)

Covered a tremendous amount of scope. Andy’s training techniques were excellent, putting real life events against the literature.  The slides are very helpful.
Garry, January 2018 (NEBOSH NGC1)

Enjoyed the course. Very intense but a good teaching style of free flow conversation. Slides and online tools.  Good to know that we have the support out of the classroom if required.  Really enjoyed and will be great to implement new skills and knowledge gained.
Toni, January 2018 (NEBOSH NGC1)

Presentation kept on point with good interaction between the tutor and the learners.
Mike, January 2018 (CDM Awareness) 

Good provider. Extremely professional throughout the course and the after care support is the best I have ever had from an external training provider. 100% satisfied and I look forward to attending courses run by Light House in the future. My knowledge has been improved 1000%.
Terry, January 2018 (NEBOSH Fire) 

Harry was amazing, he was a fantastic tutor and very patient, but his support was so appreciative, he is in the right job. Also a thank you to Rick for his support over the last few weeks.
Manda, December 2017 (NEBOSH General) 

Happy with all aspects of the course.  Run on time and all subject matter covered and understood fully.
Joe, December 2017 (Transport Management)

Harry was/is very supportive, don’t think I would have got this far without Harry’s support.  Huge thanks.
Manda, November 2017 (NEBOSH General) 

I found the course really enjoyable which was made easier by the first class tutoring.  The audio and slides made it much more easier to revise and remember.
Thomas, November 2017 (NEBOSH General) 

Tutor paced course just right for audience. Lots of amusement despite serious topic.  Will recommend Lighthouse for our regional safety needs and will be in touch.
Kaye, November 2017 (NEBOSH General) 

An excellent course and I would strongly recommend to others too.  The course content was excellent.  The tutor was very knowledgeable and has excellent teaching skills.
Ranjan, November 2017 (IOSH Managing Safely)

Excellent course and refreshed and added to the knowledge I already had.  Tutor very friendly, approachable and informative.  Would recommend course and trainer to others.
Mike, November 2017 (IOSH Managing Safely)

The course was delivered by the tutor very clearly with suitable videos and material.
Yaso, November 2017 (IOSH Managing Safely)

An excellent NEBOSH course, excellently delivered.  I have learnt a lot not only on course but also on delivery.  Thank you Lighthouse for your continued support.
John, November 2017 (NEBOSH Environmental)

Thanks to all at lighthouse for the continual support you gave me and my fellow delegates during our NEBOSH course, today is a very very happy day. Harry Collins, you are the man, thank you.
Darren, November 2017 (NEBOSH)

Rick is a great tutor.  Lots of energy and knows his job very well.  Enjoyed the course. informative and presented in a professional manner.
Giedrius, November 2017 (IOSH WS)

Overall enjoyed the course. Tutor knowledge very good, answered questions.
Christopher, November 2017 (IOSH WS)

Very impressed – would recommend.
Michaela, November 2017 (IOSH Managing Safely)

Excellent awareness covering all relevant areas.  Stephen was patient, clear and ensuring all colleagues were competent with the knowledge of Health & Safety. Thoroughly recommend to Berry Gardens.
Louise, November 2017 (IOSH Managing Safely) 

Felt at ease throughout the course, the whole week was completed in a relaxed atmosphere.
Craig, October 2017 (NEBOSH General) 

A well paced and informative course.  Good presentation too.
Kevin, October 2017 (Drivers CPC)

The course was delivered well in a friendly but professional way.  Would recommend to colleagues.
Andrew, October 2017 (SMSTS) 

For me this course has been an eye opener to what is involved for site management.  Very helpful course.
Mark, October 2017 (SMSTS)

Made learning a subject that could easily be quite tedious, fun and exciting.  Subjects were covered thoroughly and information presented well.
Nicola, October 2017 (SMSTS)

Tutors manner was the foundation for the success of this course.  We will be booking more courses soon. Well done.
Steve, September 2017 (IOSH Leading Safely) 

I think the course was very well put together and presented.
Les, September 2017 (H&S Awareness) 

The course was eye opening and covered all aspects.  Quite enjoyable.
Steve, September 2017 (H&S Awareness)

Tutor clearly has a deep knowledge of the subject and engaged in ad-hock conversations well. Very well delivered in terms of confidence and teaching style.  Thank you.
Andrew, September 2017 (CDM Awareness)

Tutor very knowledgeable.  Presented very well and involved group.
Paul, September 2017 (CDM Awareness) 

Great interaction, discussion based, which helped rather than being talked at.
Ben, September 2017 (CDM Awareness) 

I just wanted to say a big thanks for the training you have given during the NEBOSH general, I have learnt more than I ever thought I was going to, your interactive and energetic teaching style has made a course that if I’m honest I wasn’t too keen on doing, into an enjoyable experience. All the additional training aids you have created were a massive help and show you have a real passion for what you do. I have already been singing lighthouse’s praises to my company and I can only hope that it leads to you guys being used regularly by Innogy.
In all honesty, pass or fail you have helped me be better at keeping my guys safe. That, in my mind makes the course a massive success for me, irrelevant of result.
Dan, September 2017 (NEBOSH General)

Great course, really opened up my eyes in the construction industry and health and safety in general.
Andy, September 2017 (SMSTS)

Enjoyed the course and learnt a lot.  Now more Health and Safety conscious!
Stephen, September 2017 (SMSTS)

A course that could have just been information overload was made fun and a relaxing learning experience whilst gaining extensive knowledge of all topics covered.  Tutoring was first class to be honest.
Steve, September 2017 (SMSTS) 

Very happy with the training for NEBOSH – Led by Harry Collins.  We are looking to put a number of our Managers through this, and have now organised all our CITB training with Lighthouse!
Scott, August 2017 (NEBOSH Construction) 

Really enjoyed the course. Rick was a great tutor. Very intelligent and had the best sense of humour which made the course more learn-able and more fun.  100% will return to Lighthouse for future courses.
Ricky, August 2017 (SSSTS) 

Course was well planned and flowed nicely.
Jessica, August 2017 (SSSTS) 

I found Rick to be really easy to listen to and understand.  He put everything over in a good and simple way and actually made it quite enjoyable.
Geoffrey, August 2017 (SSSTS) 

The course content was extremely beneficial.  I have learnt a huge amount relative to my job and responsibilities.  I will be going away with a renewed level of enthusiasm and confidence, giving myself and my team the health and safety that is needed in this industry.
Luke, June 2017 (SMSTS)

Enjoyed the course full of information and teacher is very knowledgeable in the subject.
Daron, June 2017 (SMSTS)

Knowledgeable tutor with good presentation skills
Jack, June 2017 (SMSTS)

Rick an excellent tutor, very professional, expert in his field.
Amos, June 2017 (SMSTS)

Educational, fun and would definitely recommend.
Djaffar, June 2017 (Health & Safety Awareness)

Tutor was enthusiastic, well informed and good at provoking thought regarding health and safety.
Thomas, June 2017 (Health & Safety Awareness)

Learnt a lot more than I thought I would, good bunch of lads and really friendly.
Samuel, June 2017 (Health & Safety Awareness)

Lighthouse safety Training is a very professional, very focused and knowledgeable training provider. Our tutor, Harry Collins, gave 110% effort into making the course as enjoyable as possible and giving us the best possible chance to achieve the course. He sent us Podcasts, set us homework every night, sent us slides from the previous day to study all in his free time. I can’t praise him and his organisation enough.
Gordon, June 2017 (NEBOSH)

Tutor very helpful and happy to answer all questions.  Feedback from completed work helpful.
Rebecca, June 2017 (Transport Management CPC)

I have thoroughly enjoyed this challenging course.  Content very interesting.  Glenn very helpful and patient!
Emma, June 2017 (Transport Management CPC) 

Course well presented. I learnt additional information previously unaware of despite the number of years I’ve been in the construction industry.  Well taught, well presented, remained interesting throughout.
Victor, June 2017 (Health & Safety Awareness) 

Different learning methods were good i.e. discussion, practise questions, and media coverage.  Revision days really helpful.
Joe, June 2017 (NEBOSH General)

A very good and detailed course with excellent practical explanation of subjects covered.  Will recommend this course and Lighthouse to the Environment Agency
Paul, June 2017 (NEBOSH General)

Really good blend of light hearted/serious anecdotes/law and a great style that got the best out of the group.  Thanks
Jacqui, June 2017 (IOSH Directing Safely)

Excellent run course, homework and pod casts excellent tool.
Jamie, April 2017 (NEBOSH Construction) 

In depth course with very useful content, will take back to use within the company and site.
Jon, April 2017 (NEBOSH Construction) 

Course was run in a very professional and enjoyable manner.
Gordon, April 2017 (NEBOSH Construction) 

Very informative and enjoyable.
Jon, May 2017 (NEBOSH Environmental) 

Excellent course, thoroughly enjoyed.
James, May 2017 (NEBOSH Environmental) 

Excellent as usual.
Simon, May 2017 (NEBOSH Environmental)

Top marks to Harry for running a very enjoyable course, fantastic interaction with students. 
Alex, May 2017 (NEBOSH Environmental)  

I did like the course, good tutor who makes you think and feel at ease, time given is enough I’m happy.
Robert, May 2017 (NEBOSH Environmental) 

More engaging than I expected & well designed for the participants, I will be changing our approach to H&S after today.
Allison, May 2017 (IOSH DS) 

Great tutor, great delivery.  Friendly and easy to talk to.  Lighthouse Training are a very professional and friendly training venue.  Will use again.
Terry, May 2017 (SMSTS Ref) 

Course was great learnt a lot and open my mind to safety, Great to feel relaxed and was funny which is good, thank you.
Daniel, May 2017 (IOSH WS)

Good concise information provided. Good timings of break.
Phil, May 2017 (IOSH WS)

Rick was very good and his methods of teaching were very easy to understand.
Sam, May 2017 (IOSH WS)

I was very happy with the way the course was set out for the day, the instructor was clear and understanding and very professional.
Allan, May 2017 (IOSH WS)

Interesting training – Rick was easy to listen to and engaged the whole group, involving everyone.  Gave us the legislative information we needed.
Rachel, May 2017 (Fire Warden)

Rick is very engaging and good at keeping the subjects upbeat, I will be happy to send my men in for training.
David, April 2017 (SSSTS)

Brilliantly delivered, made interesting with videos, examples spoken about by Harry and not just read like a script & power point slides.
Ray, April 2017 (SEATS)

Fantastic tutor.  Very interesting course.  “top job”.
Jamie, April 2017 (SEATS)

Excellent.  Very friendly and enthusiastic tutor made it a very good course.  Made me more aware and to make changes at work and at home.
Tristan, April 2017 (SEATS)

Far exceeded my expectations.  Relaxed course and the info given was in a way we could easily remember.
Stuart, April 2017 (SMSTS)

Really excellent course.  Fully met my expectations.  Tutors were engaging and confident in their knowledge.
Linda, April 2017 (SMSTS)

Great interaction with Harry although we were one to one.  Excellent knowledge by Harry and very well explained throughout. Many thanks
Antony, April 2017 (CDM Awareness) 

Very interesting, informative and interactive approach from tutor.  Thank you
Ken, March 2017 (Risk Assessment & Method Statement)

Very good course overall.  Gave me a better understanding of what CSCS test will include.  The book is great help.  Steve presented the course brilliantly.  He showed video clips and made the class interact.
Katie, March 2017 (Health & Safety Awareness)

Brilliant course.  This is a must for anyone in the industry in my opinion.
Tom, March 2017 (SSSTS)

I have attended many H&S courses and met may instructors.  I found Harry to be the most knowledgeable tutor I have come across, 5 stars.
Nathan, March 2017 (SSSTS)

Rick made Health & Safety an enjoyable course and outlined all aspects that were in the course.
Dean, February 2017 (SMSTS) 

All good. Pleasant course/facilities with good presentation and course material.
James, February 2017 (SMSTS) 

I thought the whole course was very informative lots of things I did not know so going to take away a lot of knowledge. Rick is a good tutor and very keen to the point and explains in human terms if we did not understand.
Richard, February 2017 (SMSTS) 

I was extremely happy with the course – instructor was engaging and made the sessions fun, I would recommend Lighthouse to others.
Ryan, February 2017 (SMSTS) 

Impressed with the level of enthusiasm and knowledge that the course tutor provided / demonstrated. This is the second course attended at Lighthouse and I am happy to recommend to colleagues.
David, February 2017 (SMSTS) 

Tutor was very enthusiastic and passionate which proved beneficial to the sessions learning. Rick was welcoming and related on his experience to give examples which helped. Impressive presentation.
Craig, March 2017 (SMSTS Refresher) 

Good venue, good course and good crowd. Will use Lighthouse again
Ryan, March 2017 (SMSTS Refresher) 

Excellent tutor, very good at getting across to the class. Well done Rick.
David, March 2017 (SMSTS Refresher) 

Overall a really good course and good facilities. The trainer was excellent.
Peter, March 2017 (SMSTS Refresher)

Excellent Training thank you, has given me more to think about.
Rosalind, March 2017 (Fire Warden) 

Very Informative yet enjoyable course – thank you.
Lizzy, March 2017 (Fire Warden) 

Good course. Well presented – very knowledgeable and passionate on subject. Intense. Challenging. Really enjoyable.
David, March 2017 (NEBOSH General Certificate)

Lighthouse NGC1 course is well run with sufficient breaks.  Tutor is lively, engaging and well informed on the particular subjects within safety in the workplace.  The course content is appropriate and applicable for my line of work in tunnelling.  I will recommend this course to my colleagues as I believe it is delivered professionally and well worth it.
Michael, March 2017 (NEBOSH General Certificate) 

The course has been run extremely professionally.  Harry is an excellent tutor who is clearly passionate about his job and teaching H&S in a way that is serious but enjoyable.  Excellent hand outs and provision of refreshments.
Rob, March 2017 (NEBOSH General Certificate) 

Harry has great knowledge on the subject on the of the course and shows real passion for what he does.  A lot to take in but great knowledge.
Steve, March 2017 (NEBOSH General Certificate) 

Course content was very good, Harry’s teaching style is quite clear, engaging and understanding.
Kalgi, March 2017 (NEBOSH General certificate)

Another well delivered section to the course.  I would highly recommend this course, venue and trainer.
Garrick, March 2017 (NEBOSH Construction) 

A very good week, taught by a very good instructor.
anon, March 2017 (NEBOSH Construction) 

Harry made the course work simple and explained the element well. The location and environment was good and facilities nice.
Duncan, March 2017 (NEBOSH Construction)

Very knowledgeable and entertaining.  Happy with the course and tutor.
Catalin, February 2017 (IOSH Managing Safely) 

Really enjoyed these training sessions – great trainer, very helpful.  Great knowledge, Thank you.
Stephen, February 2017 (IOSH Managing Safely)

Thought Rick was a great instructor, everything was of a high standard.
Richard, February 2017 (SSSTS)

Well thought out and run course.
Michael, February 2017 (SSSTS)

Funny Informative easy to understand. Great presentation made everyone welcome and put people at ease. Thanks for a great two days.
Peter, February 2017 (SSSTS)

Would like to say a massive thank you for the support and training I have received from you on my NEBOSH course last December and would like to say it is the best course I have been on and Harry is a brilliant tutor and makes the course.
Craig, February 2017 (NEBOSH (General)

A very well presented course, at a good pace with knowledgeable tutors.  Interaction encouraged and personal situations regarding work issues explained regarding position legally.
Campbell, February 2017 (SMSTS)

Always kept the days interesting, tutors were very knowledgeable and explained questions asked in understandable language.
Steve, February 2017 (SMSTS)

Very well presented course.  Really felt that I have learned a lot.
Robert, February 2017 (SMSTS)

An excellent course and tutor.  Well presented.
James, February 2017 (SMSTS)

Excellent course, very informative.  I feel better prepared to carry out my role as works manager. Food was great, venue outstanding.  Well delivered.
Paul, February 2017 (SMSTS) 

Instructor is a credit to the company, showed excellent subject knowledge and had the ability to get the information across in a way that could have been easily boring. Thank you. Will recommend Lighthouse as a training provider in future definitely.
Simon, February 2017 (SMSTS Refresher) 

Very helpful and well detailed.  Made it easy to follow.
James, January 2017 (Health & Safety Awareness)

Very good course to update knowledge on HSE subject. I learnt a couple good things that could be implemented on the job and up to safety specs.
Mark, January 2017 (Risk Assessment & Method Statement)

It was very helpful and made me aware of all the things that need to be considered when RAMS are completed.
Albin, January 2017 (Risk Assessment & Method Statement)

Very good, kept it light hearted and interesting.
Jack, January 2017 (Risk Assessment & Method Statement)

Good, Overall course, well delivered.
James, January 2017 (Risk Assessment & Method Statement)

Well taught. Thorough.  A lot to take in but enjoyable.
Lin, January 2017 (Level 3 Award in First Aid at Work)

Excellent tutor, very informative course. Tutor had a great understanding of course and related it to everyday occurances.
Alan, January 2017 (IOSH Working Safely)

Enjoyed the course, manner in which course delivered was clear, concise and to the point which is helpful to my type of learning.
Becky, January 2017 (IOSH Working Safely) 

Good & very worthwhile course to refresh and update our knowledge  and re-stress the importance of H&S.  Good fun and learning environment.  The passion and experience of the tutor was well received.
James, January 2017 (SMSTS Refresher) 

Training carried out in a good atmosphere. Tutor very good.

Deryck, January 2017 (SMSTS Refresher) 

Well delivered, provided all the info required to update the knowledge.
Frank, January 2017 (SMSTS Refresher) 

Very well conducted.  Good light approach to all of the subjects and very informative to any of the specific subjects.  Overall good experience.
Chris, January 2017 (SMSTS Refresher) 

Very pleased with the refresher course, has helped me greatly for future projects.  Rick was an excellent teacher with a good sense of humour A+.
Steve, January 2017 (SMSTS Refresher)

Training carried out in a good atmosphere. Tutor very good.
Deryck, January 2017 (SMSTS Refresher) 

Well delivered, provided all the info required to update the knowledge.
Frank, January 2017 (SMSTS Refresher) 

Interesting.  The session was enjoyable, videos and questions.  Also make me aware of what could be lacking at home.  Thank you.
Linda, January 2017 (Fire Warden) 

Friendly, easy to talk to.  Felt free to ask questions.
Michell, January 2017 (Fire Warden)

Very friendly tutor, interesting information. All totally applicable to our everyday lives.
Jo, January 2017 (Fire Warden) 

The day ran smoothly, course is well planned out.  Rick is a top tutor, has great knowledge and wants you to learn.  Top training facilities and will definitely be returning.
Ashley, December 2016 (Health & Safety Awareness)

Great trainer, course executed in a good humoured atmosphere.  Course content well delivered. Would happily book through Lighthouse again.
Darren, December 2016 (Health & Safety Awareness)

Rick gave clear and concise training.  I will be back to do further training but also recommending the venue for our staff.
James, December 2016 (Health & Safety Awareness)

Thank you to you and all the staff at Lighthouse.  I thoroughly enjoyed the course and the hospitality of the company.
Jon, December 2016 (NEBOSH General) 

Will be recommending the centre to training manager as a preferred option.
Scott, December 2016 (SMSTS)

Excellent knowledge of tutor.  Very good teacher and communicator.  Highly recommended.
Ian, December 2016 (SMSTS)

Very enjoyable H&S Course which exceeded my expectations.  Harry is very knowledgeable, not only within H&S aspects but all areas.  Enjoyable, fun and a good laugh yet informative.
Stuart, December 2016 (SMSTS)

Very well run course, interactive, humour, good content.
Desmond, December 2016 (Fire Warden) 

Good Course, very engaging. Brought back to office based staff as well as site which is good.
Emily, December 2016 (Fire Warden) 

An excellent course – well taught.  Practical elements were practised throughout so assessments could be completed with confidence.
Lin, December 2016 (CIEH Level 2 Emergency First Aid) 

Excellent course, well delivered in a friendly/engaging way.
Jill, December 2016 (CDM Awareness)

Great tutor, very friendly, made the course easier.
Michael, December 2016 (CDM Awareness)

Highly useful and effective both in content and presentation.  Will be strongly recommending to colleagues.
Steve, November 2016 (CDM Awareness)

An informative course that makes you think. Well presented.
Simon, November 2016 (IOSH Directing Safely) 

Harry made the course fun as well as delivering excellent training and information. I would definitely recommend Lighthouse.
Patricia, November 2016 (IOSH Directing Safely)

Good course.  Well presented and would like to look at doing others.  Will pass this on to my company.
James, November 2016 (SMSTS Refresher) 

All in all a very thorough execution of the course covered all relevant areas needed to complete the test. Thanks
Darren, November 2016 (SMSTS Refresher) 

This was a very enjoyable course.  The presenter engaged with the group well.
Terry, November 2016 (SMSTS Refresher) 

Very good venue and tutor delivered the course very well, would certainly return.
Shane, November 2016 (SMSTS Refresher)

This course was one of the few courses I’ve felt at ease.  The tutor was easy to talk to and presented the information in such a way it was easily digested.
Stuart, November 2016 (SSSTS) 

Overall, very high standard of teaching & facilities are very good.  Excellent
Lee, November 2016 (Health & Safety Awareness) 

Usually expect H&S to be less interesting but this was entertaining and informative.
Jon, November 2016 (Health & Safety Awareness)

Brilliant, informative and a good laugh well presented and detailed.
Mohammed, November 2016 (Health & Safety Awareness) 

Excellent, couldn’t have been any better.  Amazed at the amount of information taught, learnt so much from this.  Will be recommending to all and sundry.
Jan, November 2016 (NEBOSH Construction)

Very good course and excellent instruction.  Venue and facilities were also very good.
David, November 2016 (NEBOSH Construction) 

Well impressed with the teaching methods and training.  Thank you.
Paul, November 2016 (NEBOSH Construction) 

Harry is thoroughly knowledgeable and gives realistic and common sense examples for the rules and regulations.  I think Harry is an excellent trainer who conveys information in a way thats condusive to learning.  I would have no hesitation in both recommending him and the company to others.
Jon, November 2016 (NEBOSH General)

Harry made the course extremely enjoyable through his vast knowledge and anecdotes to help learning.  The use of video brought the course alive and was used to highlight specific subjects.
Steve, November 2016 (NEBOSH General) 

The course covers way more than I ever anticipated.  Harry is a brilliant tutor.  Stayed on each topic just the right amount of time, is informative, has an exceptionally high level of understanding of the subject.  Keeps the days lighthearted and full of banter.  Chuffed I picked lighthouse.
Lucie, November 2016 (NEBOSH General)

Harry is a brilliant trainer who challenges student and takes them out of their comfort zone in a positive way. He thoroughly knows his subject and this shines through.  He also has a lot of passion for his subject and this also shines through.
Jon, November 2016 (NEBOSH General)

Harry made it enjoyable and didn’t just talk at us, he involved us.  Much better than my pre-conceived ideas.  Use of video’s really help to remember and understand.
Corie, November 2016 (NEBOSH, General)

Harry makes the course easy to understand and makes you feel relaxed in the answers you give, right or wrong.
Carl, November 2016 (NEBOSH General)

Course content very good good. Course delivered at a very good pace and in a focused way.  Really good delivery by Harry and made it a pleasure to attend, learnt loads and will take a lot of learning away.
Dave, November 2016 (NEBOSH General) 

The course provider has been exceptional, very professional, good location, excellent facilities and the instruction has been of a very high standard.
David, November 2016 (NEBOSH General and Construction) 

I thought the course was very good at a great pace and delivered with a good positive attitude, great knowledge shown by the trainer.
Dean, November 2016 (SMSTS)

Very helpful throughout the course and easy to get on with and approachable.
Steve, November 2016 (SMSTS)

Rick was a very good and confident trainer with clearly vast knowledge of the subject.  One of the best Health and safety courses I’ve sat .  Mainly down to Rick.  I will come back if further raining is required.
Chris, November 2016 (SMSTS)

Enjoyed my time here and found Rick to give very clear information and made the course a pleasure.
Ben, November 2016 (SMSTS)

Good detailed course, eye opener! Rick really knows his stuff.
Giles, November 2016 (SMSTS)

Soo happy with my result – just show what a great teacher you are!!!
Joanna, November 2016 (NEBOSH Construction)

I just wanted to send you a quick email to thank you for your tuition, advice, support and encouragement!
You really made the course interesting and enjoyable and I wanted to say a big ‘thank you’ to you for your help to achieve this qualification.
Lisa, November 2016 (NEBOSH Construction) 

Tutor easy listening and informative.  Good knowledge and information.

Dave, October 2016 (Sentencing Guidelines – Bespoke course)

Very good course, tutor engaging and very passionate about the subject.  Would recommend.
Nick, September 2016 (SEATS)

Very good.  I would recommend to others.
Jon, September 2016 (SSSTS)

very interesting and well presented course by Harry.  Would definitely recommend Lighthouse to other people.
Daniel, September 2016 (SSSTS)

Free flowing and informative with an engaging tutor.
Stuart, September 2016 (CDM Awareness)

Course delivered to an in depth level with informative outlook on all areas of construction
anon, September 2016 (CDM Awareness) 

Very good information and answered all my questions well, learned a lot from the day.
Michael, September 2016 (CDM Awareness)

Very good, thanks.  Good examples and explanation of a complicated area.
Chris, September 2016 (CDM Awareness) 

Really well run and organised.
Steph, September 2016 (CIEH Level 2 Emergency First Aid) 

Great, would advise anyone to take.
Jamie, September 2016 (CIEH Level 2 Emergency First Aid)

Ran well and delivered well and clear and how we would understand.
Paul, September 2016 (SSSTS)

once again great experience learning something very important.  Gemma was able to confidently answer our ‘what if’ or ‘why’ questions.
Natasha, September 2016 (CIEH  Level 2 Emergency First Aid) 

Good pace of delivery.  Chilled teaching approach that puts you in the right mind set to learn.  Will look to book further courses with Lighthouse Safety training.  Many thanks.
Keith, September 2016 (SMSTS Refresher) 

Enjoyable course.  Very detailed refresher for CDM changes.  Varied teaching style to avoid death by powerpoint.
Andy, September 2016 (SMSTS Refresher)

Pleasant and friendly course and presenter.  Enjoyable.
Rich, September 2016 (SMSTS Refresher) 

Tutor presented the course very well whilst always keeping us interested.  Thank you
Andy, September 2016 (CIEH First Aid at Work Refresher) 

Excellent tutor with a lot of experience and knowledge.  Very informative course.
Ali, September 2016 (Health and Safety Awareness)

Overall an excellent insight into the CDM process and perhaps how we could do things in the future.
Mark, September 2016 (CDM Awareness)

Good Refresher; assisting me to stay competent.
Stephen, September 2016 (CDM Awareness)

Overall good course.  Excellently taught by Glenn.  He kept it interesting and funny which also helped.  Good food as well.
John, September 2016 (Drivers CPC) 

Very enjoyable course, delivered excellently by an SME instructor.  Great idea having sandwiches which was very much appreciated (nice touch).
Sean, September 2016 (Divers CPC)

Very happy with course.  Friendly and polite training staff.  Very pleased food was available.
John, September 2016 (Drivers CPC) 

Would like to send my thanks to all those at Lighthouse who have made my resettlement relaxed and enjoyable, I will certainly pass you guys on as a recommendation for both courses.
Liam, September 2016 (NEBOSH and Transport Managers CPC) 

Excellent training facility.  Would recommend to other people.
Liam, September 2016 (NEBOSH General)

Excellent course and support from all at Lighthouse. Great course content and lessons from harry. Well recommended.
Emma, September 2016 (NEBOSH General)

Rick is an excellent trainer kept the class engaged.
Adam, August 2016 (SMSTS)

Great course, Rick kept us engaged in all course content.
Steven, August 2016 (SMSTS)

I found the course very informative and good team engagement. Venue was good, will try and use Lighthouse in the future.
Mick, August 2016 (SMSTS)

Good presentation, venue tip top.
Jim, August 2016 (SMSTS)

Very Informative, its a clear concise course. Very relevant and to the point.
Tom, August 2016 (SSSTS)

Course was conducted well, and well presented.
Dan, August 2016 (SSSTS)

Excellent course, only 2 people so 1 -1 went over many topics to ensure all covered.

Mark, August 2016 (Level 3 Award in First Aid at Work)

Well instructed course.

Steve, August 2016 (Level 3 Award in First Aid at Work)

Happy with most aspects and found a hard subject interesting very good.
Owen, August 2016 (IOSH Managing Safely)

Rick explained and the taught in a very good manner.
Grant, August 2016 (SSSTS Refresher)

Rick the tutor was very good and run the course to a high standard. He explained everything very well.
Shaun, August 2016 (SSSTS Refresher)

Rick was very informative and the course was ran very well.
Gary, August 2016 (SSSTS Refresher)

A well presented course, would happily recommend.
Graham, August 2016 (SSSTS Refresher)

This was a great course to attend as I have used the qualifications almost daily since leaving the army.
Darren, July 2016 (Transport Managers and Drivers CPC) 

Excellent throughout, would recommend to others.
Emma, August 2016 (NEBOSH General Certificate)

Really enjoyed the course, feel like I’ve learnt a lot.  Will definitely recommend Lighthouse to others and will definitely be booking further training for HOB.
Sandie, August 2016 (NEBOSH Construction)

Thank you to the team at Lighthouse.  I enjoyed the course and am delighted with the results!
Elaine, August 2016 (NEBOSH General Certificate)

Very knowledgeable and enthusiastic presentation.
Richard, July 2016 CDM Awareness 

Excellent course, easy to follow, great tutor
Neil, July 2016 (SSSTS)

The course was interesting, the tutor wasn’t boring and I have come away from it feeling like I have gained something.
Ben, July 2016 (SSSTS)

Rick relates to this subject with passion and commitment.  A real star of a teacher. 10 out of 10.
Kevin, July 2016 (SSSTS)

Well presented with a suitable mixture of factual presentation and humour.
Paul, July 2016 (SSSTS)

Good use of time given, multiple practices of practical procedures were very helpful.
Kim, July 2016 (CIEH Emergency First Aid) 

Excellent course.  Tutors very knowledgeable. Put across very well.
anon, July 2016 (SMSTS)

Good Approach to teaching, I think everyone enjoyed the course.
Steve, July 2016 (SMSTS)

From many courses I have attended I normally find the day drags and I struggle to stay awake but this course has been fun and informative. Plus very well delivered.
Dean, July 2016 (SMSTS) 

I had an overall exclusive learning experience and felt all my  learning needs were catered for which enabled me to understand the topics covered allowing me to have full confidence when entering my test at the end.
Chris, July 2016 (SMSTS)

Gemma conducted the course very well, and can be commended on this.
Bruce, July 2016 (IOSH Managing Safely)

Very clear information provided. Tutor provided answers and demonstrated excellent knowledge of all topics.
James, July 2016 (SMSTS Refresher) 

Informative, Rick presented the course very well and made the experience lighthearted.
Simon, July 2016 (SMSTS Refresher)

Rick is a great instructor, informative and fun.  Thanks Rick.
Dave, July 2016 (SMSTS Refresher) 

Exceptional training. Very happy that it was one to one, which allowed me to ask many questions. I have a greater awareness of my duties to ensure that CDM 2015 is adopted across the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom industry.
Alan, July 2016 (CDM Awareness) 

The course was made much more enjoyable by personable tutors and relevant videos/situations.
anon, July 2016 (SMSTS)

I think the course was well presented and well tailored to suit everyone’s needs in construction management.  Course content was understandable and also enjoyable.  Tutors conduct was good, easy to understand.
Charlie, June 2016 (SMSTS) 

The course was very well run, looking forward to coming back and completing the NEBOSH General.  Kept us all stocked up on biscuits and tea throughout.  Thanks
Darren, July 2016 (IOSH Managing Safely) 

Course was well presented, tutor made it enjoyable and time elapsed quickly. Information given was of high quality.
Simon, July 2016 (IOSH Managing Safely) 

I found the course very informative.  I feel I learned a great deal and feel that I will change a lot of my working methods because of this.
Jay, June 2016 (SSSTS) 

I found the course very useful and have learnt new things since I have been on the course and I will change things on my site because of this.
Matthew, June 2016 (SSSTS) 

Steve delivered the training in a professional manner without making the course boring.  I found it very informative and it has certainly highlighted the shortfalls within our own companies procedures and attitude to H&S and site supervision. Well done Steve.
Mark, June 2016 (SSSTS)

Very good instructor, came across very well.
Marvin, June 2016 (ABC Course) 

I think the course was well presented and well tailored to suit everyone’s needs in construction management.  Course content was understandable and also enjoyable.  Tutors conduct was good, easy to understand.
Charlie, June 2016 (SMSTS) 

Run very well, tutor explained things in an easy to understand way.  One of the better courses I have been on. Interesting and informative.  Thank you.
Paul, June 2016 (SMSTS)

Really enjoyed the course. I underestimated the amount of detail involved , but there has been very good support available from Harry.
Tracy, May 2016 (NEBOSH General Certificate) 

Harry clearly demonstrated knowledge of the subject which instilled confidence in the value of the course.   A lot to learn but very relevant and worthwhile.  Excellent group to work with too, very respectful of each other.
Elaine, May 2016 (NEBOSH General Certificate) 

Very good SMSTS Refresher course. Good, new information.  A real benefit for own company.
Tom, May 2016 (SMSTS Refresher)

A well presented course, enjoyable informative and good preparation for the coming exam. Overall thanks to Steve for the instruction given.
Robert, May 2016 (NEBOSH Fire)

Getting to learn things I thought I already had in the bag, only to discover I know nothing as things change. The tutor deserves a mention as he gave clear and precise guidance
Barney, May 2016 (Health & Safety Awareness)

I just wanted to drop over a quick note of thanks for your training earlier this year.  I’m very happy with the result which is of course a reflection of the content and delivery.
John, May 2016 (NEBOSH)

Very happy go lucky man. Made the course very enjoyable and interesting. Top Marks. Gold star
Chris, May 2016 (SSSTS)

Steve was very pleasant, took time with each person and the two days were a joy to be on the course A++++
Lewis, May 2016 (SSSTS) 

Rick is extremely knowledgeable and made the learning enjoyable and fun.  Will definitely recommend Lighthouse for training
Sandie, April 2016 (IOSH Managing Safely)

Staff/instructor very polite, helpful and instructive.
Liam, April 2016 (IOSH Managing Safely)

A very worthwhile course.  Feel that is one of the most useful courses I have been on and has developed my skills more than most.
Richard, April 2016 (IOSH Managing Safely)

Will recommend and use training company again 🙂
Helen, February 2016 (Fire Safety for Managers) 

Very pleased with my results. A distinction was not in my sights but very chuffed to get it. Just wanted to say thank you again for your teaching and guidance during the course. As well as learning so much in a relatively short time, it was made enjoyable too.
Andy, February 2016 (NEBOSH Construction)

The course was very informative and interesting with regard to the nature of business that we carry out on a day to day basis within the construction industry.  Ricks delivery of the course was very well presented in a concise and professional manner.
Katrina, February 2016 (CDM Awareness) 

The course was very informative and highlighted several areas that we need to be aware of in our site operations.  Many thanks.
Nick, February 2016 (CDM Awareness) 

Overall, good course. Informative and enthusiastic tutor.  Would recommend course to anyone going into site management.
Peter, February 2016 (SMSTS)

Tutor was excellent with friendly, approachable and easy style. Obviously knows this subject.  Thanks for a good and enjoyable course.
Jeff, February 2016 (NEBOSH Fire) 

Steve is extremely passionate about the subject and delivered the course to an excellent standard.
Joe, February 2016 (NEBOSH Fire) 

Steve Glass added fantastic, realistic practical value to the course content. Steve was really enthusiastic and able to answer any questions posed with ease.  Many thanks for a great week.
Ian, February 2016 (NEBOSH Fire)

Very happy with all aspects.  Course was run superbly.  Will consider further courses.
Cliff, January 2016 (SSSTS) 

Very good communication.  Well involved with the group.  Made to feel very welcomed and comfortable.
Fiona, January 2016 (SSSTS) 

Brilliant course. Good mix of learning and banter
Chris, January 2016 (SMSTS Refresher)

Interaction with trainees was excellent. Helped maintain concentration levels.  Videos were a welcome deviation from the usual powerpoint presentation.
Sekai, January 2016 (SSSTS) 

Harry thoroughly understands the course content and made the week enjoyable for me.
Kay, January 2016 (NEBOSH General certificate)

Having met many H&S Professionals, this course was excellent.  Knowledge, experience and teaching techniques were very impressive.
John, January 2016 (NEBOSH General Certificate) 

Explained everything clearly so you understand.  Polite and friendly.
Vince, December 2015 (Abrasive Wheels)

A well presented course with approachable and knowledgeable tutor.
Guy, December 2015 (SMSTS Refresher)

Excellent, informal method of delivering the course, I learnt much more on this refresher than I did on the previous 5 day course.
Darren, December 2015 (SMSTS Refresher) 

I have attended other NEBOSH courses and you are the best of all the trainers by some margin. Of the most help I have found was your coaching in tackling NEBOSH questions; understanding what they are asking and how it should be answered caused me the greatest problem.
Steven, December 2015 (NEBOSH Construction) 

Very useful session.  Everyone left the room more aware and concious of their duties on site.  To themselves and others.
Martin, November 2015 (Achieving Behavioural Change)

Excellent presenter.  Was really funny and interesting.  He helped us get into the matter.
Plamen, November 2015 (SEATS)

Good course.  Changed my opinion on health and safety.
Stephen, November 2015 (SMSTS) 

Rick was a good tutor, made the class enjoyable, listened to our views and did not judge even if he didn’t agree as it was about health and safety.
Michael, November 2015 (SMSTS)

A well paced course that was instructed well.  The tutor was well versed in his role and conveyed the information well.
Ray, November 2015 (SMSTS) 

Well run course, good content, engaging and well informed tutor.  Recommended to me and I will recommend to others.
Neil, November 2015 (SMSTS) 

Felt the course was well presented made to feel at ease.  Tutor was very good at explaining. Could relate to our site situations easily. Allowed us to have our say. Very enthusiastic tutor.
Rob, November 2015 (SSSTS) 

Excellent delivery and overall knowledge of health and safety.  Made it extremely helpful and well done.
Marcus, November 2015 (SSSTS)

The tutor explained timings to me on a level I fully understood what was meant.
Jason, November 2015 (Health & Safety Awareness) 

Rick was very clearly spoken and very helpful at answering any questions I was unsure of.  He made the whole training very enjoyable, so I felt easy going about asking him about anything I was unsure about.
Ben, November 2015 (Health & Safety Awareness) 

The course was run excellently, covering the sufficient with sufficient content.  Great instructions from Harry throughout.  Overall great course and looking forward to the Fire and environment.
Rob, November 2015 (NEBOSH Construction) 

Very open and informative course.  Tutor keeps the flow of information going but allowed and reacted to intervention in a good way. Course facilities are good.
Andrew, November 2015 (SMSTS refresher) 

Venue was really good and the facilities were excellent.  Course tutor was fun and enthusiastic which helps with carrying out a course.  Thanks.
Luke, November 2015 (SMSTS Refresher) 

Good group kept atmosphere lively and enjoyable and aided learning process.
Elaine, November 2015 (IOSH Managing)

Really enjoyed the course.  Rick was great, very personable and professional.
Samuel, November 2015 (IOSH Managing Safely) 

Throughout the 5 day course I found Glenn to be very knowledgeable on all subjects and aware of peoples different needs and abilities during the course and acted on it very well.
Steve, November 2015 (Drivers CPC)

Explained everything really well. I can honestly say I enjoyed the course.
Steve, November 2015 (SSSTS) 

Very well balanced with time for discussion informative videos relating to topics covered. Practical exercise of presenting TB talk was very useful.  CITB publications very useful for future reference.
Alan, November 2015 (SSSTS) 

Excellent information delivered in a professional easy learning manner.  Very interesting to speak/discuss with other supervisor of different trades regarding various H&S issues.
Kieran, November 2015 (SSSTS) 

Interesting and informative, well presented by tutor.
Robert, November 2015 (SSSTS) 

Great training with a modern approach to help the information sink in.
Mark, November 2015 (SSSTS) 

Good mix of media, discussion and insight. Would recommend.
Paul, November 2015 (SMSTS) 

Very good presentation, put over in an interactive way.
Bob, November 2015 (SMSTS)

Very good course and well presented and entertaining tutor.
Richard, November 2015 (SMSTS) 

The tutor was very polite and helpful, he had a good amount of knowledge and experience and was able to draw on this to give helpful examples to the delegates. The tutor kept the dialogue flowing throughout the training which meant that delegates felt comfortable to ask questions and receive feedback.  We will be using Lighthouse to provide more training in the near future.
Blue Planet Consulting, November 2015 (SSSTS)

Overall excellent.  Rick made us all feel welcome, comfortable and confident. Well done!!
Darren, November 2015

I had to give a small presentation on the course the following week at a conference I attended.  I praised you up big time and got a very good response from the audience, so hopefully some more business coming your way.

I would just like to say what an excellent course it was, taught by an outstanding trainer!
Darren, October 2015 (IOSH Managing Safely)

Course was very informative and contained a lot of information which was put across in a very professional manner when required.
Phil, October 2015 (CDM Awareness)

A very informative course.  A huge amount of information to process.  I feel we are being taught to be professionals within the field rather than just learning answers to a test.  I know this is Harry’s aim and I am personally very pleased with this. I would recommend Lighthouse to others due to this energy and enthusiasm towards health and safety.
Andy, October 2015

Very intense course as expected but the tutor’s training style relaxed the course and made it enjoyable.  Will recommend Lighthouse Safety Training to be used by Dairycrest, by my department and by others.
Stephen, October 2015

The service provided by Lighthouse Safety has transformed the Lucas Safety management systems and brought about an exceptional standard of safety within the Lucas organisation.  Andrew Price and his team are extremely hands-on and proactive, but more importantly for a contractor very, very practical and prepared to work with our teams to ensure the right outcome on site.  The professionalism that has been brought to our safety management system with Lighthouse is truly exceptional and in the last year alone we have seen a workforce engagement programme be rolled out with a proper training scheme for our operatives, our entire set of toolbox talks upgraded to the latest safety standards set by CITB and a whole professional approach of safety management including site visits, audits, inspections.  All in all, I couldn’t do anything other than highly recommend this organisation for any business looking to raise the bar and set the extremely high standards of safety required in today’s construction industry.  We work for the largest and biggest blue chip clients in the UK who demand excellence from our organisation and we couldn’t achieve this without Lighthouse Safety.

Danny Lucas, S Lucas Group Ltd

Lighthouse Safety carries out our site inspections.  They make 4 visits every month and programme to attend the necessary sites on a suitable rota.  They meet on site with our site manager or supervisor to discuss any H&S issues and then carry out a site inspection.  The following day a report is sent to us in an easy to follow format indicating all aspects of the site H&S commenting on good and bad practices. If anything is is discovered to be a H&S problem the report indicates this and advises what should be done to rectify. If this action is to be carried out by us or our employees then Lighthouse help with any implementation required.  We have found the inspections to a valuable tool for monitoring our site safety and we now issue them to our customers as part of our monthly returns.  Our customers are impressed by the pro-active attitude that the reports portray.

David Wilkins, Wiltech Engineering Ltd 

Lighthouse Safety carry out regular weekly checks on site for the Gravel Hill project (part of  6 projects under the scape framework) to ensure compliance with both Legislation and Company Policy.

Lighthouse Safety are not only detailed within their audits but also extremely helpful with problem solving on site.  They offer a rounded approach to each site which in turn allows the projects to reach the most practical and safe solutions to all operations.

I have found the Lighthouse Safety team both helpful and pro-active in their approach and would recommend their knowledge and insight across all forms of construction.

Ben Bateman, Willmott Dixon

Lighthouse Safety provides Watkins M&E Group with health and safety consultancy and site inspection services.  We have found that they provide diligent and thorough inspections in accordance with Watkins policies and procedures. Key areas of inspection have included documentation, site conditions, environmental, waste and occupational health.  I personally have found they provide practical advise based on sound technical knowledge.

Marc Harris, C Watkins Plumbing Ltd. 

Good course with good content and very useful/educational
Alex, September 2015 (SMSTS Refresher) 

I really enjoyed the content. Good pace and humour used during the training.
Daren, September 2015 (SMSTS Refresher)

The course was presented very well, excellent delivery would recommend to all.
Tim, September 2015 (SMSTS Refresher) 

Just wanted to thank you for all your help on the course, I really enjoyed it and learnt a lot. You are a good teacher!
Ben, August 2015 (NEBOSH)

Trainer made the course fun and easy to follow and a generally welcoming environment. i would recommend to everyone
Chris, July 2015 (IOSH Managing Safely) 

Trainer is engaging, eloquent and clear.  Good atmosphere, trainer clearly knows the subject. I would like to do the fire safety co-ordinator training!
Harry, July 2015 (Fire Warden Training)

Really impressed with knowledge of tutor and the way in which they taught us i.e. homework and real life experience. Thank you for the lunch throughout.
Aaron, July 2015 (SMSTS) 

The tutors made the course interesting and quite easy to follow.  We also had a good laugh during the course.
Mark, July 2015 (SMSTS)

I’d like to pass on my thanks for the last two days being on your site supervisor course. It was one of the best courses I have done due to the fact it was fun, everyone joined in and we had a great group. I’ll keep in touch as I’ve requested with my management to attend some more courses at lighthouse.
Lee, July 2015 (SSSTS) 

Very well presented and interesting.
Zlatko, July 2015 (SMSTS Refresher) 

Lots of information given in a short space of time very well.  Also with a sense of humour thrown in.
Clive, July 2015 (SMSTS Refresher) 

A good refresher course, well delivered.
Peter, July 2015 (SMSTS Refresher) 

Rick made you feel at ease, very knowledgeable, good at his job. Also listens to what people say or ask. Will always give you an answer.
George, July 2015 (SMSTS Refresher)

When I turned up for my course, I was very nervous and apprehensive, but I was very soon made to feel at ease. Any questions asked Glenn answered. Overall I have had a great time on this course.
Mel, June 2015 (International CPC)

Very good and enjoyable, presented in a logical manner. Glenn’s knowledge has been invaluable.
Wayne, June 2015 (International CPC)

The course itself was extremely thorough and covered an array of topics within fire safetyand risk management. Lighthouse Safety Ltd are a top class training provider and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. Our Tutor, Steve, was perfect; engaging throughout, knowledgable and had a great way putting perspective on all topics and case studies!
Anthony, May 2015 (NEBOSH Fire)

A very informative, well run course.
Paul, May 2015 (NEBOSH Fire)

The course was well oganised and well structured. Allowing adequate breaks so I was able to retain the information given easily.  Always felt relaxed and welcome, and no questions went unanswered.

Leigh, May 2015 (SSSTS)

I would just like to say a big thank you to all at Lighthouse Safety Training for the helping me achieve an excellent merit on the recent NEBOSH general health and safety certificate. In fact i was only 3 marks away from a distinction so if you could let Ron know what an excellent job he did i would really appreciate that. His tutoring style was really helpful and his guidance on how to complete the practical exam invaluable. I hope the other students on the course also achieved similar results. So thank you all again and i will be recommending you when ever the opportunity arises. I am now working as Regional Safety Adviser within the motor industry.
Jason, February 2015 (NEBOSH General Certificate)

Easily the most interesting and useful course I have been on to date.  The interactive nature of the course was good.
David, February 2015 (NEBOSH General Certificate)

Excellent course presented by very professional tutor who made the course very enjoyable and even managed to make it fun.
Eric, February 2015 (NEBOSH General Certificate)

Well covered. Kept subjects engaging.  Good balance of discussion/group work
Michael, February 2015 (NEBOSH General Certificate)

I thought the course was very informative a lot was packed in and made entertaining by the tutor. Would recommend to others. Very worthwhile 2 days.
Mike, February 2015 (SSSTS)

I found the course to be interesting and was amazed at what I was taught. The course has made me a more safety minded person. I think Stephen for teaching me this. It will certainly help me out on site.
Richard, February 2015 (SSSTS)

Course tutor presented course brilliantly, Good use of informative videos and ppt slides, good provision of course material, brilliant venue & facilities & refreshment & food, good directions to find venue, course well organised and good time keeping.
Ronald, December 2014 (SSSTS)

Harry is an excellent tutor. I thoroughly enjoyed the course.
Nathalie, December 2014 (SMSTS)

Harry was very good in explaining in detail the basic requirements.
Pam, December 2014 (Health & Safety Awareness)

The course was excellent on all levels, very engaging and informative.  Tutors laid back and yet able to show the seriousness of subject made the course a pleasant experience.
Liam, December 2014 (Health & Safety Awareness)

Glenn was very patient and very knowledgeable with regards to all the subjects covered. Great teacher and would recommend this course

Dave, December 2014 (International CPC)

The course was very well run and all my questions asked.

Anthony, December 2014 (International CPC)

The tutor was excellent in keeping the group engaged in what can often be a dry subject.  The course jumped between slides/video/questions in such a way that it remained interesting for the duration. Thank you

Dave, November 2014 (NEBOSH General Certificate)

The course was presented in a way that keeps in engaged and to remember information given. I believe that this is a credit to our tutor. Not at any time did Rick lose my attention. Would recommend using Lighthouse to any Company or individual.  Thank you Rick and Lighthouse

Aaron, October 2014 (SMSTS Refresher)

Excellent teaching, exceeded expectations. Thanks

Kaldeep, October 2014 (SMSTS Refresher)

Tutor was good. Had a vast knowledge of the subject in hand. Well done.

Steve, October 2014 (SMSTS Refresher)

Very interesting and helpful. Knowledge of tutor was excellent with good input.

Matt, September 2014 IOSH Directing Safely)

Very good course with good mix of theory and delegate interaction.

Dan, September 2014 (IOSH Directing Safely)

Great course which has given me a really good insight into the legal framework and how we can improve our safety leadership team

Hannah, September 2014 (IOSH Directing Safely)

Very good course, learnt a lot.  Enjoyed it, wasn’t boring like your typical H&S course. I’d recommend this course to  others

Danny, August 2014 (SMSTS)

Excellent presentation from the tutor – kept light hearted in order to keep audience focused. well done.

Anthony, July 2014 (Health and Safety Awareness)

Excellent presentation by a knowledgeable tutor. 100%

Peter, July 2014 (SSSTS)

I thought the course was really good. Got a really good understanding of everything we went through.  Excellent overall.

Darcy, July 2014 (SSSTS)

Steve was great to be taught by. He was very helpful with everything we needed to know. Thanks

Tommy, July 2014 (SSSTS)

Steve’s overall presentation of the course was very good with his in depth knowledge on the course.

Ashley, July 2014 (SSSTS)

Excellent insight.  Both descriptive and visual using good understandable life experiences.

Marie, June 2014 (CDM Awareness)

Professional, friendly delivered course with plenty of discussion time with the group.

Steven, June 2014 (SMSTS)

Extremely knowledgeable tutor.  Helped break subjects down for understanding purposes.  Would sit further courses with same tutor and recommend.

James, June 2014 (SMSTS)

Excellent course delivery. a very professional, friendly delivery by our instructor.  Richard made it a pleasure to learn.

Dean, June 2014 (SMSTS)

Excellent Interaction. Excellent use of videos and thought provoking materials. Tutor made participants comfortable and made the learning material entertaining to which he should be commended.

Beth, May 2014 (SMSTS)

Harry the Trainer was excellent and I have never learnt so much before. The course was absolutely excellent and very well run.

Heather, May 2014 (SSSTS)

Very well presented and the tutor demonstrated excellent course/subject knowledge

Richard, May 2014 (IOSH Directing Safely)

Very professional and informative.  Took a lot away from the course.  One of the better structured H&S courses that I have been on.

Tom, May 2014 (IOSH Directing Safely)

Excellent course.  Excellent Tutor (Steve) explained everything and had excellent interaction with the class.  Made it Simple to follow and understand class.

Mark, May 2014 (SMSTS)

The Tutor was very approachable and informative.  He kept the course interesting.  New information was gained through this course.

David, April 2014 (Health & Safety Awareness)

Steve was very good at keeping us interested.  He had a very good knowledge of the subject he was teaching.  Often telling us amusing stories to help us understand and highlight what he was teaching.

Tommy, April 2014 (SSSTS)

There was a lot of information to digest over a two day period.  However, Steve made it enjoyable and delivered it in a very professional manor.  Thank you.

Mark, April 2014 (SSSTS)

Course content enlightening and informative, tutor put over points well without making the session overbearing.

Graham, March 2014 (Drivers CPC)

Another good Session, good pace with relevant information.  Well delivered throughout.

Terry, March 2014 (Drivers CPC)

I enjoyed the course, lots of information and good help of what we can put into practice back at the yard where we lack & where we can improve.  Ricks information & knowledge is exceptional and answered any questions to clear up any misunderstanding.

Graham, February 2014 (IOSH Managing Safely)

Good Well paced course.  Harry made interesting when the subject can at times drag with other courses attended elsewhere.

Chris, February 2014 (SMSTS Refresher)

Good tutor, explained everything well and made it easier to understand

Steven, February 2014 (SMSTS Refresher)

Tutor involved good class participation and used good visual aids.  All made for an interesting, informative 2 days.

Andy, February 2014 (SMSTS Refresher)

Well run day friendly manner and informative manner of instruction.

Peter, February 2014 (Drivers CPC)

A lot of useful information, well presented, at a pace which is good to understand and take on board.

Tim, February 2014 (Drivers CPC)

Hope this would be very valuable in the future and I would recommend this course and trainer for anyone who seeks to get this qualification.

Rindika, January 2014 (SMSTS)

The course was run very professionally. Richards knowledge and the way he transferred this information was seamless and very easily retained.

Gary, January 2014 (SMSTS)

I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the course.  The venue was great and Ron was fantastic! I am so pleased that I chose to do my training at Lighthouse!

Zoe, December 2013 (NEBOSH General Certificate)

Good Course. Tutor made the course and students feel at ease and good teaching methods rather than straight out of text books.

Brian, November 2013 (SMSTS Refresher)

Lighthouse are a very efficient company, both arranging the course and with the delivery of the course. With very competetive prices and friendly staff.

November 2013 (General comment from anon client)

The training was well received by our guys on Friday and I have received a lot of positive feedback, so big thank you to yourselves.

Clare, October 2013 (Fire Warden Training)

Very informative, carried out in a way that maintained interest and interaction. Thoroughly enjoyed the course ad tutors attitude.

David, October 2013 (SSSTS)

Very good tutor – explained the objective & outcome of the course well. Asked for relevance and tailored accordingly enjoyable and good speed.

Chris, October 2013 (IOSH Managing Safely Refresher)

Excellent job, very informative and great interaction.

Gavin, October 2013 (IOSH Directing Safely)

The tutor made us feel relaxed and explained things very well and didn’t charge ahead before everyone was satisfied.  We had a laugh as well.

Phil, August 2013

Well spoken, video material, presentation/organisation, interact (group), plenty of updates to new legislations, professional.

Juraj, August 2013 (SMSTS)

Very informative and put together in a logical way so that each subject built on the last.

Thomas, August 2013 (SMSTS)

Please pass on my sincere thanks to everyone at Lighthouse for your help, assistance and hospitality during both my CPC and NEBOSH resettlement courses.

Tony, July 2013 (NEBOSH)

Very informative and laid out in a fashion easy to understand and take on board.  Good interaction between the group as there was a good mix of people from within the industry. Initial concerns of course being to theory based from the book were soon dispelled.  Thoroughly recommend.

Dean, July 2013 (SMSTS)

Very glad I came to this course, have learnt alot and shall be putting the training to good use on site.  From doing the course I now realise I was not as competent as I should have been.

Stephen, July 2013 (SMSTS)

This is probably one of the best, if not the best course I have done to date. Not only for content but in the manner and way that it was presented. Andy and Harry put it across professionally but kept it very informal and comfortable. Thank you.

Rob, July 2013 (SMSTS)

I am a very happy man.  Please pass on my thanks to your company for a wonderful training experience.

Simon, July 2013 (International CPC)

A good course delivered at a pace suitable for all learners. Ian was very well versed with his subject knowledge. Most enjoyable.

Mick, June 2013 (ADR)

Thanks for a great course over the last two days. Very well taught and kept us all very much interested all the time unlike other courses I’ve attended. It’s also changed my mind set with H&S in a positive way. Hope to work with lighthouse again in the near future.

Chris, May 2013 (SSSTS)

I hadn’t been looking forward to this course, but Harry and Andy made the whole thing interesting and surprisingly enjoyable. I would recommend them to anyone needing competent training.

Duncan, May 21013 (SMSTS)

Very good content, fast but fun and well paced.  Will be hopefully coming back for NEBOSH if I can persuade my employer. Good job guys 10/10.

Spencer, May 2013 (SMSTS)

Good course, delivered excellent by tutors.  Would recommend this course facility and tutors to others.

Peter, May 2013 (SMSTS)

The whole course was ecellent, very imformative. The tutors were clear and easy to understand.

Cliffe, May 2013 (SMSTS) 

Harry made learning fun and enjoyable and I would recommend Lighthouse Safety Training

Trevor, April 2013 (SMSTS Refresher)

The tutors delivery of the course was excellent with an extensive knowledge of what he was teaching.  The open forum throughout the 2 days made the course current and easy to follow

Danny, April 2013 (SMSTS Refresher )

An intense course delivered at a very good level, enabling information to be processed as easily as possible

Michael, February 2013 (International CPC)

An excellent course delivered at a steady rate embracing all students and allowing their development to be dictated at a rate they felt comfortable with.

Mick, March 2013 (NEBOSH)

Ron has been great, really helpful, very knowledgable and enthusiastic which makes it easy to learn from and fun.

Rebecca, March 2013 (NEBOSH)

Great course for such an intense subject.  All staff more than helpful.  Looking forward to returning

Anthony, February 2013 (International CPC)

Nice building/environment to learn in.  Good admin staff, very helpful pre-course when i had questions and queries.

Emma, February 2013 (Drivers CPC)

Good running of course. Tutors conduct very friendly which made for a relaxed atmosphere.  Very good all round.

Simon, February 2013 (Drivers CPC)

A well run course covering loads of new subjects during the week, Glenn the instructor was always on hand to offer advice during the week.  The training location was excellent with good welfare facilities

Scott, February 2013 (Drivers CPC)

Great course, enjoyed it all. Genn is  a great tutor

Chad, February 2013 (Drivers CPC)

Very informal and relaxed approach to getting over facts and info very well structured course.  Highly recommended

Andy, February 2013 (SSSTS)

Was an absolute pleasure spending the day with such a knowledgable man, can’t wait till my next training day.

Chay, February 2013 (Driver CPC)

Course was well run, sound information provided. Tutor very knowledgeable and staff at Lighthouse were very helpful.

Allan, February 2013 (Driver CPC)

Very plain speaking and informative. Definately worth the refresher.

Simon, January 2013 (Health & Safety Awareness)

Ron was an excellent tutor. Showing much passion in his teaching. He has a seemingly endless knowledge of Health and Safety and were no questions that he couldn’t answer. Many thanks for all his effort in providing an excellent educational experience.

Kevin, December 2012 (NEBOSH)

Well presented and structured by a knowledgeable instructor. Many Thanks

Simon, December 2012 (NEBOSH)

Awesome tutor – has changed my mindset on some H&S issues. Made a subject that could be boring, interesting and informativ.e.

Gavin, December 2012 (SMSTS)

Harry delivered the course in a way that maintained interest in a subject that can be quite intense.

Darrell, December 2012 (SMSTS)

Very interesting content and delivery excellent

Steve, December 2012 (SMSTS)

Just like to thank you all at lighthouse safety, was a pleasure to learn from Harry during the course and yourself and others in the office have been very helpful. I wont hesitate to return if I was to take up another course and will be recommending lighthouse to others. Great tutor, great learning experience and great service.

Pardeep, November 2012 (SSSTS)

Very enjoyable course, really clear instruction and probably the best course I have attened in some time. Great tutor Thanks

Daniel, October 2012 (SMSTS)

I have undertaken several internal Health & Safety courses within my company, and this is f=by far better than all, in terms of content, presentation, relevance and style.  Harry is by far the most efficient and effective tutor I have had. Thank you.

Daniel, October 2012 (SMSTS)

Excellent course, been on a lot of courses but Richard made usso relaxed and the course was enjoyable and I gained a lot of knowledge.  Highly recommend this course.

Tony, September 2012 (SMSTS)

Ron was a true professional, abl;e to answer any question asked demonstrating an unbelievable amount of knowledge. I have done pleny of studying over my time but i must say that Ron as been in my opinion, the best tutor I have ever had in terms of knowledge, ability to teach and interact and his personality is perfect for such a course. A true pleasure. Thanks

Anthony September 2012 (NEBOSH)

I found the course very intersteing, and the way things were explained by Ron made me understand the ropics very well. Other than that lighthouse training on the whole have been very helpful to meby accommodating my personal issues. I am very pleased and impressed

Manpreet – September 2012 (NEBOSH)

First class course many thanks

Ian – September 2012 (NEBOSH)

A well put together course, Ron is obviously very knowledgeable on the subject and this is shown throughout. Ron is also very good at not only covering the subject well but at keeping all parties involved even if their knowledge is of different levels.

Rob – September 2012 (NEBOSH)

Ron helped break down a daunting subject into a manageable format and i feel i have learnt alot and have some definate plans for improvement to take with me.

Linda – September 2012 (IOSH Directing Safely)

One of the best delivered courses I’ve attended.  I got what I needed from today. Thank you.

Steve – September 2012 (IOSH Directing Safely)

A well put together course, Ron is obviously very knowledgeable on the subject an d this was shown throughout. Ron is also very good at not only covering the subject well but also very good at not only covering the subject well but also keeping all parties involved even if their knowledge is of different levels.  Rob – September 2012 (NEBOSH General Certificate)

The course was excellent and the tutor (Ron) gives extra to ensure understanding. Omotope – September 2012 (NEBOSH General Certificate)

Ron was a fantastic tutor and would recommend Lighthouse without hesitation. Rudolf – September 2012 (NEBOSH General Certificate)

I found the course very interesting, and the way things were explained by Ron made me understand the topics very well. Other than that Lighthouse Safety Training have been very helpful to me, they were accommodating to my personal issues by making sure that my dietary requirements were met. I am pleased and impressed. Manpreet – September 2012 (NEBOSH General Certificate)

First class course, many thanks. Ian – September 2012 (NEBOSH General Certificate)

Very Well run course. Ron was an excellent tutor. Lee – September 2012 (NEBOSH General Certificate)

Ron was a true professional, able to answer any question asked demonstrating an unbelievable amount of knowledge. I have done plenty of studying over my time, but I must say Ron has been in my opinion, the best tutor I have ever had in terms of knowledge, ability to teach & interact and his personality is perfect for such a course. A true pleasure, thanks. Anthony – September 2012 (NEBOSH General Certificate)

Curse Content is heavy but the tutor structured it in such a way to meet students varied abilities. Abdul – September 2012 (NEBOSH General Certificate)

Firstly may I thank you for time over the last two days for the SSSTS course I think you even managed to convert a few of the doubters amongst the group. Your presentation was very informative and managed to keep what is considered a boring subject informative.

Echlin & Bailey, September 2012 (SSSTS)

Enjoyed the course. Glen taught the whole course well.  I learnt alot from this CPC course. Well worth the time to attend. Thanks Glen. A Star

C Morris, September 2012 (Drivers CPC)

Much better interacting format with instuctor discussing topics rather than relying on visual aids

Walker construction, September 2012 (SMSTS Refresher)

Very well delivered course

Walker Construction, September 2012 (SMSTS Refresher)

Mr Harper explained everything in an excellent way enabling me to understand the content and requirements of the H&S commitent from me as a Director. An excellent communicator who made what could be a very boring subject, interesting.

ESC Ltd, August 2012 (IOSH Directing Safely)

I would like to say that the feedback from Paul regarding the course was exceptional and please pass on my thanks to the course instructor as it makes it even more worthwhile when my guys enjoy a course we send them on. We will definately use your company again in the future.

Brett Kinsman, 1st Line Defence Ltd, August 2012 (SSSTS) 

The information was delivered in a hands on, easy way to understand. I will be recommending Lighthouse and Harry to my company for any future training.

Kevin, July 2012 (SSSTS)

Very happy overall, great approach to the course and content, a great atmosphere to work & Learn in. Thanks.

Christopher, July 2012 (SSSTS)

Would just like to say that Harry has made the past two days of learning very easy and interesting and I will definitely be doing more courses because of this.

James, July 2012 (SSSTS)

Having Just finished a SSSTS course at Winters Electrical I’d just like to pass on my thanks to Harry. He made the minefield that is H&S Interesting whilst clear on getting the point across.

Kevin Snowden, July 2012 (SSSTS)

It was a useful course for my furture career and the tutor was excellent on all areas of his lessons.

Drivers CPC, June 2012

Excellent course.  It is useful for civilian street

Drivers CPC, June 2012

It was really excellent course learned and got lots of knowledge from this course.  Thank you very much

Drivers CPC, June 2012

Tutor was very friendly and confident.   he delivered the lesson with good teaching materials and handouts.

Drivers CPC, June 2012


Drivers CPC, June 2012

I enjoyed thoroughly doing the driver CPC course.  The tutor is very helpful to us and he taught very well, friendly and understood us if we ask a question he answered very simply.

Drivers CPC, June 2012

Very Well done, easy to understand and get on with, got info across well and direct

Matthew, June 2012 (SSSTS)

Fully professional presentation.  Great range of tutors knowledge.  Course content covered needs.

Mariusz Barcikowski, May 2012 (SSSTS)

Harry was an excellent tutor, very concise whilst always giving people a chance to join in and give their opinions, plus the right level of banter to make it fun as well as interesting.

Wiltech Engineering, May 2012 (SSSTS)

A well run training course, well handled with normal workers coming out with Health and Safety issues which no one would normally listen to.

New Build Landscapes, May 2012 (SSSTS)

Harry very good at his job.  Thought it would be like going back to school, however he made it very enjoyable.

Brett Construction, May 2012 (SSSTS)

I would just like to say thank for a really good smsts course march/april this year both me and one of my foreman really enjoyed the course and found it very informative and a nice relaxed atmosphere helped by both harry and ron

Ivan Bannister Particon Civil Engineering, April 2012 (SMSTS)

Excellent interactive teaching method, down to earth and jargon free.  Easy to retain information.

Ross, Marshall Electricals, April 2012 (SSSTS)

Tutors conduct and teaching methods were very good.  Very good interaction between tutor and students.

Paul, Marshalls, April 2012 (SSSTS)

I would just like to say a big thank you to your team, I really enjoyed the course and all the wonderful people i met on it. I wish you all every success with all of the training you give.

Gary, March 2012 (SMSTS)

Course was brilliant and tutors conveyed loads of information that wil help on site.

C Price, March 2012 (SMSTS)

Excellent course, would recommend to other work managers.

Hatton, March 2012 (SMSTS)

Excellent instructors subject knowledge and ability to get the subject matter across

S George, March 2012 (SMSTS)

Thank you for a pleasant day and learning environment.  Good food, good classroom.  Enjoyed course and very informative.

Lee Roblett, March 2012 (IOSH Working Safely)

Harry was very educationall and made the day couurse interesting. I actually didnt feel like I wanted to leave. Awesome course

Inhealth, March 2012 (IOSH Working Safely)

A very good day, Harry made a boring subject as interesting as possible.  Agroup of people with a variety of backgrounds made the day really interesting and I learnt alot.

Project Salus, March 2012 (IOSH Working Safely)

I personally found Ron to be an excellent Tutor – clear and concise.  (If I had him as a teacher at school I might have done better!) I personally learnet a great deal and look forward to putting it into practice.

W.  Ring, March 2012 (SMSTS)

Great course, well presented and a pleasure to be on . Many thanks to Harry & Ron Rons Knowledge waas immense!

Steve young, March 2012 (SMSTS)

Ron was very explantory on each subject making learning easy.

Lowrie Brothers, March 2012 (SMSTS)

Ron was an excellent tutor.  Never losing patience and pitching the course at a level everybody could understand.  Ron’s knowledge was extensive and always provided full and thorough answers to any questions we had. He is a credit to your training facility.  Whatever you’re paying him, isn’t enough!

Guy Scott, March 2012 (SMSTS)

Very good course. Teaching was carried out at the right level & pace

RG Group, March 2012 (SMSTS)

A thoroughly enjoyable course, well delivered. Lighthouse Safety trg looked after us very well

MOD, February 2012 (International CPC)

Course well presented with relaxed presenter. Brings the ‘ligher side’ of H&S.

SRM, February 2012 (SMSTS)

A well structured course presented in an enjoyable manner

SRM, February 2012 (SMSTS)

Very good course, very well presented, interesting and good teaching

Martin Linney, February 2012 (SMSTS)

Found the course to be very fulfilling and interesting and will help me in my role on site

Stage Electrics, February 2012 (SMSTS)

The course was excellent and I would recommend it  to anyone who has H&S responsibilities.

Camelia Rusu, February 2012 (IOSH Managing Safely)

The course was well executed and informative with a good deal of intreaction between tutor and ‘pupils’ . I believe everyone was able to achieve a good understanding of the subject matter both on a group level and a personal level. Well done Mike (Tutor) Cheers.

LPL Uk Ltd, February 2012 (SSSTS)

Course was run professionaly, very impressed with Richard, easy to talk to and very approachable. Top Man and Top Company A+

Mark Hall, February 2012 (SMSTS)

Richard was excellent at stimulating discussion to aid in the learning process. He also de-stressed the attendees to create a relaxed learning environment.

Proforce Solutions, February 2012 (SMSTS)

The course was very informative, care was given to make sure we all understood the information. Many Thanks

Dan Lang, February 2012 (SSSTS)

The course was brilliant we would now be safe on site

Albert Gherman, February 2012 (SSSTS)

Very informative and knowledgeable.  Well presented

Ed Asaman  February 2012 (IOSH Directing Safely)

Can I once again commend you for providing outstanding service and tuition on the course.

Trev Andrews, January 2012 (SMSTS)

I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you both for your time and effort in providing a very valued and worthwhile coarse . I,m quite sure , both myself and other employees of Excel Marine will look towards your guidance on various subjects
over the coming months ahead .

Excel Marine, January 2012 (IOSH Managing Safely)

Many thanks for your efferts in setting up the course, and i look forward to a
starter for ten to be involved in an industry that i fully appreciate. Now i am armed with National and International CPC qualifications alongside the Driver CPC and an almost full ADR licence thanks to yourselves.
I now look forward to putting these qualifications to good use within the

Darren Harrison , January 2012 (International, National CPC)

I find Lighthouse Safety Training a very professional, welcoming and helpful
training provider. All delegates that I send to Lighthouse always return with
very positive feedback.

Morrison US January 2012

Excellent tutor. Made it far more interesting than when I did this course about 8 years back.

Sir Robert McAlpine December 2011 (SMSTS)

Harry is a friendly guy who presents the course  matter in an interesting way to keep course members involved and to keep their attention.  I wish him well for the future.

Sir Robert McAlpine December 2011 (SMSTS)

The course offered more than I expected!

TFC December 2011 (SSSTS)

Course content excellent, Delivery of course excellent.

Steven Wood December 2011 (SMSTS)

Very good tutor, good debates

Alltask Ltd December 2011 (SMSTS)

First class instructor with a wealth of knowledge.

Paul Rhodes November 2011 (Driver CPC)

Good instructor, Good Atmosphere, was the course I wanted so ticked all the boxes

Paul Randle November 2011 (MoD Drivers Package)

Very enjoyable course, thank you very much

Trevor Andrew November 2011 (SMSTS)

The staff knew their subject and made the suddents feel comfortable in the learning environment.

Dulley November 2011 (SSSTS)

Course was enjoyable and at a very good pace. Will recommend.

Brett Landscaping October 2011 (IOSH Managing Safely)

I found all of you friendly and professional the course was very well presented with an element of humour helping with the nerves. So once again a very big thanks to you all.

Steve Bontoft October 2011 (SMSTS)

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Alan, Harry & Andy for enabling me to gain such a recognised qualification in such a short space of time. The National/International CPC was a world away from any of my expectations, a combination of Alan’s knowledge, professionalism and teaching ability, mixed with the setup of lighthouse safety training made that possible.

As with everything in this day and age, attention to detail is paramount. We were provided with all the necessary coursework, folders etc, as well as buffet lunches, tea/coffee and biscuits on a daily basis. The procurement of larger premises is evidence of the success of the company and I am pleased to say that I have seen first hand how that success has been achieved and delivered.

I wish you both the very best for the future and rest assured, I will point people in your direction whenever someone is looking for a qualification that you guys can deliver.

Paul Hyde – MOD Resettlement Training – September 2011 (MOD Driver package (National & International CPC, Drivers CPC and ADR)

I would like to thank Lighthouse for their training for the week

CONCEPT August 2011 (SMSTS)

Mr Jeffery’s teaching style made the course interesting and motivated me

Ruggles & Jeffrey August 2011 (SMSTS)

 Course was tailored well to suit the needs of the company

South East Water August 2011 (SSSTS)

Presenter was very good and kept this course enjoyable, good course

South East Water August 2011 (SSSTS)

The content and presentation was well adapted by the presenter to suit the business function and needs. A good overview of health and safety awareness for supervisors

South East Water August 2011 (SSSTS)

Nice atmosphere and everything was explained clearly

J.K Environmental August 2011 (SSSTS)

Good Course, well delivered

Brightside Electrical August 2011 (SSSTS)

Good Course, well delivered

Balfour Beatty August 11 (SMSTS)

A very informative course

Erith August 11 (SMSTS)

All of the course ran very smoothly and the lessons were superbly paced. A very well delivered course and the best H&S orientated course I have attended. Andrew made superb use of the course materials and directed some excellent thought provoking discussions. Highly recommended.

Darren Walker – Citrus Training Ltd August 2011 (PMSTS)

I found the course, well structured, useful and informative, thanks to Andy and his team.

TQ Education & Training August 2011 (PMSTS)

Course well presented in a detailed, relevant but humorous manor, thus making what can be a dry subject enjoyable.

TQ Education & Training August 2011 (PMSTS)

Course was well presented and put across very well learnt a lot of information during the course. Great course, would recommend the company to other clients.

MG Scotland August 2011 (PMSTS)

Relaxed approach by tutors within a comfortable environment

MOD  July 11 (IOSH Managing Safely)

Enjoyed the course / beat expectations / looking forward to the next course

C3 Flooring July 11 (SSSTS)

Good course, well presented

Elite Architectural Systems Ltd July 11 (SSSTS)

What I thought would be a boring course, turned out to be easy going and enjoyable

Elite Architectural Systems Ltd July 11 (SSSTS)

A great course

Rydons Maintenance July 11 (SSSTS)

Excellent course, very well presented

Arnold Brickwork July 11 (SSSTS)

One of the best courses I have been on, I did not get bored

Complete Electrical July 11 ( SSSTS)

 Extremely informative and well explained

ARK Plc July 11 (SMSTS)

Interesting – informative – good tutor with exceptional knowledge of HSE

ARK Plc July 11 (SMSTS)

Absolutely excellent course and tutor’s attitude towards learning

Vincentstokes June 11

 It was a brilliant course

Greengate Maintance June 11 (SMSTS)

Harry was a very good instructor and due to him, interaction between delegates was excellent, well done Harry

Wheaver June 11 (SMSTS)

 A great course, very well presented and at a superb pace. Very Much enjoyed this course.

June 11 (SMSTS)

I would recommend and use Andy in the future for further training requirements – Top Course

HSC Candella Ltd  June 11  (SMSTS)

Tutor interaction was excellent, friendly and informative with clear and easy to understand language

NWK College  June 11 (SMSTS)

Enjoyed the course and tutors were relaxed and serious when learning – a good balance

May 11 (SMSTS)

Great course, will recommend to my training provider that we book more people on this course

Morrison Utility Service May 11 (SMSTS)

A very Enjoyable course woth a good combination of video, presentation, direct learning etc.  Harry is very pleasant and approachable

Homes in Havering  April 11   (IOSH Managing Safely)

Really Great course and very well facilitated

Homes In Havering April 11 (IOSH Managing Safely)

Well Packed, excellent course & will recommend it to all supervisors/managers

Provian Construction March 11 (SMSTS)

Great course, well run with great content and very well presented.

Morrco March 2011 (SMSTS)

Great Instructor.  Humorous and a real treat.

MOD March 2011 (International CPC)

Excellent Course. Instructor answered questions beyond the syllabus due to his extensive experience in the industry

Ashford International March 2011 (International CPC)

The course was ran very professionally and the instructor knowledge was excellent

MOD March 2011 (International CPC)

A very enjoyable course

Bison February 2011 (IOSH Managing Safely)

Throughly impressed with Andy, excellent knowledge, conducted in relaxed environment and learning easy.  I would recommend Andy and this course to anybody

Bison February 2011 (IOSH Managing Safely)

Found the course very well presented and relaxed, would recommend to others without hesitation. Hate to say but I learnt alot I thought I knew but didn’t. Gregory

Demolition December 2010 (SSSTS)

A very good course by an excellent Tutor

AllTask November 2010 (SSSTS)

Thank you to you and your team for a well run and organised course.

Futureview Landscapes October 2010 (IOSH Managing Safely)

I’ve only been on two courses so far but this one was the best by a long way, in helping me understand ‘My Role’.

Strata Construction Group Ltd (SSSTS)

I found the course very enjoyable and learnt a lot that I never knew. It was taught to us in a really good way.

Prima Systems July 2010 (SSSTS)

Very enjoyable constructive course enlightened by Andy’s anecdotes.

Bison Manufacturing July 2010 (CDM Awareness)

Extremely good course, although I struggled to absorb some of the content, I found that it started me thinking laterally re H&S in general.

GGH Hire July 2010 (PMSTS)

“Andy is a fine tutor, gives confidence and holds a gift in making the course interesting and rewarding.”

P J Carey July 2010 (PMSTS)

I enjoyed the way in which the course content was relayed to me. It was kept relevant and interesting.

McArdle’s July 2010 (PMSTS)

Bison Manufacturing July 2010 (CDM Awareness)

Good pace with relevant examples and display of all relevant information.

Very well presented course. A very good overall view of the important laws covering our industry.

ASB Contractors July 2010 (PMSTS)

“Training Delivered professionally but not in a boring manner. I have a tendency to lose concentration with heavy subjects but Andy involved the group regularly which kept us on our toes.”

C Watkins July 2010 (SMSTS)

I found the course informative and very useful, I thought our tutor’s methods were excellent, and it was the best course I have ever attended.

Weston Homes July 2010 (PMSTS)

Thank you for a most enjoyable week.

Bison Manufacturing July 2010 (IOSH Managing Safely)


Bison Manufacturing July 2010 (IOSH Managing Safely)

Excellent – Thank you.

Bison Manufacturing July 2010 (ABC Course)

The interaction and explanations Andy gave to different areas, it was a very good course and I would recommend more people to do it.

Bison Manufacturing July 2010 (ABC Course)

The course was carried out in a very informative way. It helped to provide a better understanding of the regulations.

Bison Manufacturing July 2010 (CDM Awareness)

The way I which it was explained made it easier to understand, it was a good all round course that covered a lot of materials in a simplistic way.

Hewitts June 2010 (SMSTS)

Very Good Course, very enjoyable , Richard our tutor was vey friendly and integrated well with the students.

Toureen Mangan June 2010 (SMSTS)

Excellent tuition.

21st Century Lifts June 2010 (SMSTS)

It was enjoyable which made the volume of information easier to absorb, there was a good balance of legislation and practical applications to give better ‘rounded’ approach to safety matters to ensure safe practices are planned and executed.

Crosby Electrical June 2010 (SMSTS)

Good Course marks out of 10 = 10.

Blaze Construction May 2010 (SSSTS)

The way the course was constructed by the tutor, very knowledgeable course good all round

Freedom Power Projects May 2010 (SMSTS)

I enjoyed the interaction among the group and tutor”

Blaze Construction May 2010 (SSSTS)

Made it fun to learn with good humour but still put it across in a serious nature.

Maiford Ltd April 2010 (SSSTS)

Was quite surprised how interesting the tutor managed to make the subject.

John Peck construction February 2010 (SSSTS)

For a health and safety course it was very enjoyable and presented in an informative fashion which retained my attention.

Quadrant February 2010 (SSSTS)

Good course full of energy and uplifting methods of delivery. Good to learn from experienced tutor.

TQ Education Training January 2010 (PMSTS)

Very Well presented which is difficult given the complexity of subject matter. I felt instructor fully understood the level and pitched it spot on.

TQ Education Training January 2010 (PMSTS)

The tutor was very knowledgeable and had a understanding of the core subject, excellent course.

TQ Education Training January 2010 (PMSTS)

I believe that the tutor has got he balance correct int eh subject areas, an interesting enjoyable course which met with my expectations. Many Thanks.

TQ Education Training January 2010 (PMSTS)

Good course, full of energy and uplifting methods of delivery. It was good to learn from an experienced tutor.
TQ Education Training January 2010 (PMSTS)

H&S is not the most electrifying subject, but Andy’s passion was infective and I now see the subject in a very different light.
TQ Education Training January 2010 (PMSTS)

The tutor was very good and knowledgeable and very polite. I really enjoyed the course.
Optrain November 2009 (SMSTS)

The Course was very well balanced with a great deal of interactive tuition. Thoroughly enjoyable and of great benefit.
BAM Nuttall Limited October 2009 (SMSTS)

A well delivered course potentially dull subject put across at a good level.
Mid Kent College October 2009 (IOSH)

Found the course very interesting and the tutors very helpful & understanding.
London Bridge Associates October 2009 (SMSTS)

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