Steel rod pierces construction workers skull

A construction worker in Brazil has survived after a six foot steel rod fell five floors and pierced his skull.


Eduardo Leite was taken to a Rio de Janeiro hospital, where the rod was removed after five hours of surgery.

The doctors said he responded well to surgery, suffered no adverse consequences and has experienced little pain.

He narrowly escaped partial paralysis and loss of an eye, they added.

The pole pierced Leite’s hard hat, then the back of his skull, before exiting between his eyes.

Luis Alexandre Essinger, chief of staff at the Miguel Couto hospital, said Leite was conscious when he arrived there and explained what had happened to him.

He told the BBC: “He was taken to the operating room, his skull was opened, they examined the brain and the surgeon decided to pull the metal bar out from the front in the same direction it entered the brain.”

Leite had “few complaints” after the surgery, Mr Essinger added, saying “it really was a miracle” that he survived.

Neurosurgeon Ruy Monteiro told local TV that the bar had entered a part of the brain with no specific major known function.

The victim is expected to stay in hospital for another two weeks, and will be given antibiotics to avoid risk of infection.

Source: Construction Enquirer


Lighthouse Comments: What a story and what a lucky escape! Although this happened in Rio de Janerio and they H&S Standards may not be as strict as ours, lessons can be learnt from other H&S failures. We all have a legal duty while working at height to prevent falling objects and mitigate the consequences, however one question that screams out to us is the emergency response to that scenario. Do you have the facilities in place to deal with this event? Or even the man power? Do you have clear information to give to the emergency services before and after arrival?


Take the time to think through the provisions you have on site now and plug any gaps you find before it actually occurs. THINK WHAT IF NOT IF ONLY

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