SSSTS 31st May & 1st June 2012 – Heathrow

I have to be honest I have lost count already of how many of the SSSTS courses I have ran this year but it must be above 15 so far this year!

However strangely enough one of the topics discussed in depth was Legionnaires disease as most of the candidates installed air handling units.

Legionnaires disease is airborne which is spread by water droplets. The disease grows when water has the following characteristics:

  • Stagnant water or water containing food source (like pollution)
  • Water is stored at temperature between 26oC and 54oC
  • Water is used in a spray/water droplet format (Air handling units/Showers etc.)

The disease is then inhaled and then flu like symptoms then ensue primarily muscle aches and spasms.  The disease can be treated with antibiotics but if left untreated the effects can lead to death, which has unfortunately happened most recently as last week in Scotland http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-18339523

This case should highlight the need for regular testing for Legionnaires disease, primarily when working in high rise building such as office or hotels.

Harry Collins

June 8, 2012 | Categories: Courses, Lighthouse Blog |
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