This blog is aimed at Managers who organise and manage training requirements for their organisations, trust me this will help!
Whenever we deliver training here at Lighthouse, we always ask our students why they are on the course- what is the reason we are here? Almost every time candidates shrug their shoulders and say “no idea, got an email yesterday saying I had to”. Humph.
So what we have turn up to our halls are a lot of students who have no idea why they are here or what the course even is! It then takes half of our course convincing students the good reasons we are here and why they should listen. What makes it even worse is that someone/organisation has paid for that student to be there!
Please let me give you a bit of advice, if you manage training records & organise training courses, call the person you are sending on the course prior to them attending and tell them why they are there. Do not tell anyone its because a client wants it or because it is to tick a box. Training should be because you are investing in someone’s competence & skills. As Richard Branson once said Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough, so they don’t want to.”
Letting staff know why they are on a training course is vital to it being a success. Most students (I would say 60%) believe training is just box ticking and the other 40% are just grateful not to be working. Only once in 8 years of training has anyone from an organisation actually turned up to an introduction of a course and actually stated why the course was being delivered and it was amazing! The students from the start felt valued and intrigued. They participated in the course and were very happy to discuss, (usually that would be a battle which we eventually win, however it would just be nice not to have the battle in the first place).
If you organise training make it worth while and give the students the reason why they are there, you get more for your money
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