SMSTS Refresher 29th 30th May Rainham-Kent

This was our third Site Mangers Safety Training Scheme Refresher course that we have run this year. Many topics that were discussed were of the standard comments such as the use of ladders, PPE requirements and Risk Assessments. However one long discussion was the topic of CSCS cards and there requirement.


CSCS cards are nationally provided for occupational competency cards in the UK construction industry. The card backs up the legal requirements set out by the CDM regs 2007 for ensuring all appointees are competent.  CSCS is not a legal requirement but is the only current competency card scheme being used by industry.  The concept of CSCS is to ensure that all operatives upwards have achieved a certain level of Industry competence specified to their trade.  The common question is “is the SMSTS Certificate higher than the CSCS Card?” The answer being that it is not above nor below nor even equivalent! CSCS should be used to prove TRADE professional competence where as the SMSTS/SSSTS shows a level of general Health and Safety knowledge and understanding.


This is a continuous issue that crops up regularly which highlights a lack of knowledge of the schemes available.  If you would like more clarification please call our Lighthouse Safety Head office

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