Site Electrical Tools

Site electrical tools

How many times have we all done it, begun work using our tools thinking them to be in perfect condition, when suddenly….DISASTER, the thing stops working.  Whats the result?  Lost time, financial expense to replace it,  inconvinience?  But what if it was more than that? It’s a simple fact that these tools, if not checked properly and on a regular basis, can seriously injure those using them.

 So when is the right time to check them I hear you say…..12months, 6 months, even sooner perhaps?

 Well, its a good question as it’s a common one,  especially on a construction site.  All too often have I come across tools believed to be in date by their user (as they have been given a 12 month certificate) who are astonished when I then tell them they require 3 monthly testing when used on a construction site.

 ‘WHAT?’ is often the response.  But think about it guys, how long do you think tools are going to remain in suitable condition when on site, considering the level of abuse they often suffer?  Not very long is the honest answer, which I’m sure you’ll agree. This is why it’s so important we make sure our tools are within a 3 month test date and we always visually check them before use.  Simple but effective.  Lets Stay safe everyone.

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