Safety never sleeps…it even dives!

During the day my focus as a Consultant and Trainer centres around helping others to achieve good safety standards. That focus continues in my hobbies as well, where safety plays a major role. I recently went on a trip to the Farne Islands just off the Northumberland coast to partake in scuba diving with the large seal colony there. As an avid diver, safety is of paramount importance due to the fact we are putting ourselves into an environment for which we as human beings are not designed to inhabit, the deep ocean.

From the very first steps in our training to the drop beneath the waves safety is drummed into us and that any doubts before, during or after the dive must be treated with respect as it may lead to devastating consequences. This fact has become very real to the diving community in our area in recent weeks when we lost one of our own to a tragic accident. It was in fact at a location where my friends and I conduct our training, though we were not there at the time this event has rippled through our community and been felt by all.

Though the results of the investigation into the incident have not yet been released the sad fact is that the young lady passed away doing something that was meant to be for recreation. This highlights we (and I mean all of us not just divers) should always remain vigilant regarding both our own and other peoples safety, both at work and during our private hours. This does not mean safety has to prevent the pursuit of fun, just think before you act to make sure that fun can be remembered positively not as a tragic unfortunate accident. Enjoy yourselves everyone, safely.

August 22, 2014 | Categories: Lighthouse Blog |
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