Safety Inspectors launch a site blitz

Safety inspectors are launching a site blitz today focusing on school, university and student accommodation jobs.

The fortnight long campaign will concentrate on sites across the North West.

Health and Safety Executive (HSE) inspectors are expecting to see an increase in construction work during the summer break while schools and universities are closed, and will be making unannounced visits to make sure work is being carried out safely.

They will be paying particular attention to work taking place at height, asbestos issues, the general state of sites and the welfare facilities for workers.

Neil Jamieson, HSE Principal Inspector for Construction, said: “There’s likely to be lots of work taking place at schools, universities and student accommodation during the summer break but there’s a danger lives could be put at risk if firms are rushing to complete work in time for the start of the autumn term.

“Safety has to be the top priority on any construction site and it’s simply not worth taking risks to try and finish jobs early.

‘The death rate for construction workers is four times the national average, and employers should be doing all they can to tackle this issue.

“Hopefully the majority of the sites we visit will have high safety standards but we won’t hesitate to take action if we find workers are being put in danger.”

Source: Construction Enquirer

Lighthouse Safety Comments: Recently, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have been on a recruitment drive. The new FFI (Fee for Intervention) laws passed in October last year also mean that the HSE can no longer charge for time spent with companies. Tie these in together and it does seem that the HSE are taking more proactive steps to target High Risk Activities. If you are planning for refurbishment work or demolition, than you may be on the HSE radar. Get some help before jumping in.

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