Risk Assessment – There’s a Thought

Ever thought, “this job looks a ‘tad’ dodgy”, or “wow, I was lucky not to get hurt then”; and then you totally ignored that learning experience?

Have you ever had the luxury of someone from your management doing a risk assessment and allowing you to know what was written in that document, only to find the information wasn’t really about the job you were about to do.

Have you been that manager, that was asked to conduct a risk assessment, only to realise you didn’t fully understand the process or understand what was being asked of you.

If this is you, then allow Lighthouse to enlighten you, and guide you through the relatively simple risk assessment process, on one of our training courses.

Or do you simply need some help and guidance, on what is considered by most a tricky task?  If you do then call us to discuss your requirements on 01634 260631.


March 26, 2013 | Categories: Lighthouse Blog |
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