Quiz July 15

Q1:         Can effective  Health and Safety Management save your company money?


Q2:         How many people do recent figures show were killed in industry in a single year due to poor Health and Safety Management?


Q3:         Would you feel safe at work in other countries where Health and Safety is not legally enforced as it is here in the UK and what do you think your chances of long term well-being are likely to be?


Q4:         Environmentally we all have a responsibility to look after our world and reduce the impact we have upon it. Are you and your organisation doing enough to limit you’re effects on the ecology and surrounding areas within which you operate, could you do more?


Q5:         Last but not least, if you need Health, Safety and Environmental Advice, who you gonna call?



Answers below… we look forward to you playing again next time














A1:         of course it can, by preventing down time, loss of productivity, replacement labour costs, fines, civil compensation claims, rises in insurance premiums, sick pay and probably above all the effect on your reputation that could potentially cripple your business.

A2:         155 in a single year

A3:         This one is of course subjective to each of you but I would guess if you were to honestly consider the working standards in several European countries and certainly some of those further a field where the Health and Safety At Work etc Act does not exist you would probably at least think twice before taking a position there as the chances of you suffering a workplace accident, ill health scenario or indeed a fatal occurrence are dramatically higher and my follow up question to that is, would you give up any of these for the sake of a few quid that day just to get the job done? I suspect not.

A4:         Again I can’t give you a definitive answer here whether you’re doing enough but the first step will be to honestly risk assess your working practices to identify any areas of improvement. This can be tricky as when were focused on our current ways of operation it’s hard for us to step back and clearly appraise what the situation really is. If you need help and would like advice on Environmental matters please don’t hesitate to contact us, after, once the finite resources of our world are gone they are gone! it may take eon’s for them to replenish during which time we will most likely have gone extinct.

A5:         No silly NOT Ghostbusters, but Lighthouse Safety Training of course on 01634 260631.

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