Protruding scaffold tubes

Scaffolding is one part of almost all projects that cause us issues. Firstly we can’t work without it and then when it’s up, it’s in our way. Then it’s the first thing we want down to make the project look like its near completion. Well this is just process issues; in the safety world it’s more than likely to appear in our site inspection reports quite frequently.

So far this year I have heard of 2 incidents involving protruding scaffold tubes in which have resulted in operatives striking their heads against causing both cuts and neck jarring, these can quite easily be cut back by the scaffolder on installation (bearing in mind not to cut them back too far) but enough to prevent it causing an obstruction to others.

We need to walk with the scaffolder on completion identifying any issues, correcting them or making them visible and placing end caps where required.

March 2, 2015 | Categories: Lighthouse Blog |
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