Protection of others

Protection of others

When I’m out on site I see the opposite ends of the spectrum, both good and bad practice, but is it something you consciously think about? ” How does my work affect others?”

Are you carrying out a lot of drilling or breaking?  Are you creating dust by grinding or sweeping? Are there others working around you?  These are the questions that should be being asked.

You don’t only have a duty to protect yourselves, but others that may be affected by what you are doing.

Have you thought about segregating yourself, find a room out of the way to mix your materials or simply let others know what you’re doing so they have the chance to protect themselves.


You may be wearing all the correct PPE but others may not be.  You wouldn’t like to be subject to these conditions so why should they?


Inform others of your activities. Protect yourself, protect others!!


Stephen Laws

October 15, 2013 | Categories: Lighthouse Blog |
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