Personalised Moulded ear plugs

The Emtec NoiseBreaker® is a personal moulded ear plug with a silicone rubber moulding which is tailor-made to an individual’s concha bowl and ear canal providing full comfort. NoiseBreakers are available in various colours. The ear plugs can also be made metal detectable and attached together on a cord if required.

The NoiseBreaker is designed for those whose workplace may be loud. Our personal moulded ear plugs can be worn comfortably with PPE.  The NoiseBreaker can also be worn for bed, swimming and other various activities.

For more information or to organise your ear mould casts please contact us on 01634 260631 and we can arrange for our trained consultants to cast them.

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For further information call Lighthouse: 01634 260 631 or email: [email protected]

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