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Stephen Laws, our Lead Health and Safety Consultant, is getting all excited about how it’s now easier to protect your own safety with face masks …

So, we all know that we need to protect ourselves from dust, fumes vapours and so on, and I’ve blogged before about how people use disposable dust masks in the wrong way.  For instance, the dust mask sitting on the top of their head or hanging round the neck, whilst having that much needed cigarette break.  Or even left in the tool bag 20 yards away whilst carrying out work.

What I do find though is that not only are you required to wear these and keep them in good condition (note to selves: ‘disposable masks’ are named this for a reason), but your employer is responsible for ensuring that they fit you suitably by means of ‘Face Fit Test’.

JSP (other manufacturers may be available) have recently released the press to check filter, which is a FFP3 filter, fitted to the Force 8 face mask, making it suitable for most of your site activities.  You simply put the mask on, press the filters, and breathe in.  If you have a good suction and are unable to breathe, I suggest that you let go of the filter and be confident that your mask fits and you can work happily knowing you are safe.  If not, simply adjust the straps slightly until you’re happy.


Not only that, but as an employer you may be spending loads on disposable masks.  One a day per person doesn’t take long to get through a box.  I have recently purchased a new mask from a local supplier at just under £25 and the mask should last me a good few years if I look after it, and the filters will last a good few months at least, which will save on the Face Fit Test too … what a bargain!   Breathe clean, stay safe.

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