Pre planning and Prior Preparation

Out and about the other day minding my own business when I witnessed a little bit of bad planning biting a company in the bum.

So I was in a well-known supermarket and due to it being a new store they had the great intention of carrying out a fire drill, however I was already on my way out of the store and now on the lower ground, all staff congregated at the top of the escalator and away from doors, people were slowly leaving the store but gradually building at the doors and backing up the escalator whilst the staff were unaware.

This could have had severe consequences had people panicked.

Another example was when I was on a site last week where the alarm went off and it was identified that there were no fire marshals on site and that no one knew where the location of the alarm was. Again, no casualties, but it could have been severe.

It is good practice to carry fire drills out and in both cases we have been able to learn without there being a consequence. We need to ensure that we plan what should and will happen in the case of an emergency:

  • Who is responsible for what (calling emergency services, raising the alarm, roll call, ensuring the building is clear)
  • Are people trained and know their roles?

This should be carried out preferably every 6 months and ideally unannounced to get a real idea of peoples response, in some instances you could always throw in an added extra and stand in a stairwell or by an exit and tell people that turn up that you are where the fire is to get them to use another fire exit.

November 24, 2015 | Categories: Lighthouse Blog |
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