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While touring the famous Cadbury chocolate factory in the Midlands this bank Holiday weekend it was inspiring to see and learn the story of the Cadbury family and how during the early expansion of their business they held at the forefront of their beliefs that their workforce should have access to proper standards of living, recreation and education.

They founded the town of Bournville for the workers to live in near to the factory that stands today, they created housing, swimming baths and a whole host of other facilities to create a happy and healthy work force as it was believed that this directly related to the output from the workforce, happier workforce equals more production! They were spot on…over the decades since their foundation (even through the harshness of war time during WWII) Cadbury became a dominant figure within the Global confectionery industry.

This is a trend we see in many larger companies today, think of Google and Facebook as well-known examples (although not all have adopted this ethos), that by looking after the workers who as the people on the ground actually generate the profits for a company, the company will be more successful. These powerhouses of industry are testament to this correlation between profit and worker happiness, a concept that has not perhaps filtered down to the smaller enterprises out there, where the next profit score is sometimes all that is focused upon.

I can honestly say that here at Lighthouse each of us are lucky in that this larger corporate attitude to worker morale is put into practice here too. As such we are going from strength to strength, our feedback shows we are growing even further our positive reputation for delivering the highest standards, due to this, as above this has led to further demand for our services by several more high profile clients. If you like to join our growing list of satisfied customers, wish to know more about us or are interested in acquiring any of our other services please visit our website for details or contact our offices on 01634 260631.

We look forward to working with you.

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