Poor standards found as major inspection initiative targets refurb sector

Poor standards found as major inspection initiative targets refurb sector

HSE inspectors are in the middle of a major inspection and enforcement initiative targeting the refurbishment sector which runs from 2 to 27 September 2013. The campaign is targeting poor standards and unsafe practices on Britain’s construction sites

The regulator has announced that:

“HSE inspectors have, so far, inspected 1500 contractors and carried out over a thousand site inspections.

Inspectors found material breaches at just less than half the sites visited and issued Notices of Contravention. A number of sites have also been served enforcement notices.

Final figures will be published once all that data has been complied.”

Photographs taken by HSE during the first few weeks of the initiative have been made available.

Construction union call for additional HSE resources

The HSE action has prompted construction union UCATT to call for greater funding of construction inspections. Steve Murphy  UCATT General Secretary said:

“These figures demonstrate the dangers faced by construction workers on a daily basis. Failure to ensure a sites safety could lead to the death or injury of a worker. The next time a Government minister complains about red tape strangling business they should be reminded of these figures.”  Mr Murphy added:

“While these initiatives by the HSE are very welcome, inspectors are only visiting a small percentage of all the construction sites in the country. These findings demonstrate why the HSE needs more resources to conduct this type of inspection in all parts of the country throughout the year.”

Source HSE


Lighthouse Comments: The refurbishment sector is notorious for being high risk, normally due to the fact that deadlines are more tight than new builds as the client is without use of his building which he has had. Take time to plan the task in hand and be prepared for shortfalls.

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