Piper Alpha 25 years On

Piper Alpha remains the worst offshore disaster in UK history, with 167 men killed after a huge explosion on the night of 6 July 1988.

The disaster reminds us of what can go wrong if proper health and safety standards aren’t in place. But the lessons of Piper Alpha are as relevant today as they were 25 years ago.

Source: IOSH


LST Comment: It may be fitting to spend a few moments in reflection and think if only. Many of the processes and much of the development of ‘Safe Systems of Work’ we discuss with clients and course delegates have come about from lessons learnt from this disaster. However, there are many that continue to fail and consider the lessons of history. Piper Alpha was catastrophic; in their own way catastrophic events occur in many workplaces throughout the country, thankfully not on such a scale, but nevertheless still heart wrenching and soul destroying for those concerned. Don’t become another statistic, we encourage you to discover the right and only way to conduct your tasks safely before its too late.

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