Our Maiden NVQ Voyage

What a milestone, I have taken my first student through their NVQ level 6 in Occupational Health & Safety!



We started offering the NVQ in May 2018 and already have 23 candidates working through their units. I am not going to lie, the Level 6 is a challenge, but it feels like such an achievement, both for my candidate and myself. I cannot explain how proud I am of him for all the hard work he put into in and finally receiving his certificate.

Just wanted to thank you and your team on getting me through my NVQ level 6.
I found it really beneficial and it made me really look at my own company’s H&S and in doing the course work reviews, introduced and amended many policies. I would recommend any H&S professional take this course of action and I have personally recommended people to your company already. (Taylor Technologies)
Following the completion I have already been made a graduate member of IOSH.Next step CharteredAll the best

Paul McMullan

Before I carry on bigging my candidate and myself up, let me explain what the NVQ level 6 involves.

NVQs are all about showing what you do in the workplace and backing it up with good evidence pieces. This particular NVQ consists of the following 10 units:

Unit 1: Promote a positive health and safety culture.

Unit 2: Develop and implement the health and safety policy.

Unit 3: Develop and implement effective communication systems for health and safety information.

Unit 4: Develop and maintain individual and organisational competence in health and safety matters.

Unit 5: Identify, assess and control health and safety risks.

Unit 6: Develop and implement proactive monitoring systems for health and safety.

Unit 7: Develop and implement reactive monitoring systems for health and safety.

Unit 8: Develop and implement health and safety emergency response systems and procedures.

Unit 9: Develop and implement health and safety review systems.

Unit 10: Maintain knowledge of improvements to influence health and safety practice.


Each unit consists of a set of questions (between 16-29 per unit, 203 in total) each question is to be backed up with an item of evidence. At the end of each unit, the candidate must then supply a witness testimony and a completed recorded professional discussion.  So, as you can see, it’s quite a lot of written work, talking about yourself, which doesn’t always come easy to most of us.

So why do all this hard work in the first place? Well, firstly completing the Level 6 NVQ will mean that candidates can then go on to achieve their Chartered membership of IOSH (We have the lead IOSH mentor for the south east working at Lighthouse who can provide step by step guidance through this process)

But also, I truly believe it makes candidates much better H&S professionals. During the process of working through each unit, candidates have to look at their own knowledge and practices and that of companies they are involved with. This then begins to highlight areas of potential improvements and so continued professional develop runs all the way through the qualification. I often ask my candidates at the end of each unit how it will help them in their day to day work and the results always surprise me.

For myself as an assessor this has been an interesting journey, observing the different approaches candidates are taking towards completing each unit and their development of evidence pieces, each slightly different and sometimes unique which is testament that regardless of academic background this process is achievable for all. I enjoy watching my candidates develop and grow as they complete their units.

Even though the NVQ is designed to be a remote online qualification, both Rick and I offer a very supportive and interactive relationship to our candidates. We have a very passionate vested interest in our candidate’s success. We offer face to face inductions at our training centre in Rainham and we are in regular contact with all our candidates offering guidance and support every step of the way, in person, by phone or email. We are also developing regular NVQ coffee mornings where we encourage candidate to come together, discuss and work on units with Rick and I giving practical advice.

In conclusion, the Level 6 NVQ is a big undertaking and taking those first steps is daunting. But the process is so rewarding, and the sense of achievement when completed is worth the hard work. And completing it with Lighthouse Safety means we will be with you every step of the way.

To find out more about the NVQ Level 6 click here we also offer the NVQ Level 3 Certificate in Occupational Health & Safety 

Louise Collins – Health & Safety Advisor, Trainer and Mental Health First Aider
[email protected]



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