MyZone Worker Alert System

A hard hat safety buzzer system has hit the milestone of five million rental hours on UK sites without a single reported accident.

The MyZone Worker Alert System works by warning operatives when they come near plant or machinery via a buzzer in their hard hats.

Distributor TechGB Ltd said the system is spreading across UK construction sites.

Carillion IMS manager Roy Pearson is using it on the A23 Bypass project in Sussex.

He said: “The A23 Handcross project has, since its start in April 2012, used the personal My Zone proximity alarm to exceptional effect by adding it as part of the A23 7 piece PPE issue.

“It has provided this personal alarm to everybody on site, including visitors, thereby increasing everybody’s safety awareness and highlighting the continual workforce engagement that emphasises our sites awareness of the dangers associated with close working adjacent to moving plant.

“As part of the overall strategy for providing a safe working environment for all, the site management have no doubt in confirming that the use of MyZone on the A23 project has played a vital and essential role in achieving our current safety statistics of 0.00 AFR and 72 weeks and 630,000 hours accident free to date.

“It should be noted that there have been several anecdotal stories of the system forewarning individuals of the potential dangers of encroaching plant in addition to the positive response from the workforce at the project Safety Action Group.

“While recently on site holding discussions with three individuals with their back to oncoming traffic all were alerted by passing traffic and immediately assessed their location.

“Situations like this are happening every day on site and everybody is pleased to have the additional positive alert given by the MyZone device”.

William Jackson Grad IOSH, Regional HSE Advisor, Balfour Beatty Construction Services UK, added: “My personal view is that the MyZone Worker Alert System is an excellent innovative aid to personal awareness and is an affordable addition in enhancing existing established on site safe working practices.

“MyZone will assist in addressing one of the construction industries biggest safety concerns, the pedestrian – plant interface and will be a welcome ally in the fight to achieve the goal of Zero- Harm across the construction industry.”

Source Construction Enquirer


Lighthouse Comments: It is nice to see that Health and Safety is being helped by wonderful inventions such as this especially when the product of MyZone is such a simple design and concept. A brilliant achievement for the safety of our industry. Hopefully soon this will become common practice.


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