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Lighthouse is a growing company and for some time now we have recognised that we will need to acquire new premises to be able to fulfil our goals of providing a suite of training and meeting rooms that match our future potential. With this in mind we have been actively looking for commercial premises that have this potential.

This month our search came to a successful end with the completion of the purchase of a nearby old converted church at 18 Ivy Street, Rainham, which since 1953 and up until recently has been used as a Masonic Lodge and Function Hall.

Our short term plans include new toilets and rest facilities, and redecoration of the function hall, which will become our main lecture room; this can be achieved in a reasonable short time frame of approx 2 weeks.

Longer term plans, include a mezzanine floor to the main hall, a further 3 classrooms and an office facility.

We fully believe that these should allow us to conduct long term future planning and that it will provide a pleasant environment in which to learn in.


October 24, 2011 | Categories: Lighthouse Blog |
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