Life at Lighthouse in May 2012

Once again I find myself in a position of recalling what’s gone on this month, preparing to rattle of the array of course and their locations, I do wonder whether that’s the important part or not. Whilst I’m sure it builds a picture, it can’t be good reading each month. Enough to say our normal offerings have continued at pace, however also included this month has been a 5 days Preparing to Teach in the Long Life Learning Sector (PTLLS) course, an ADR course and an International CPC.

Tender replies have been returned with fingers crossed on a number of fronts.

We would like to welcome CS solutions Ltd as a consultation client.

Perhaps worthy of mention are our Drivers CPC Saturday options, contrary to belief, this legislation is here to stay, with a deadline of September 2014 not too far in the distance, the message here is 35 hours classroom Drivers CPC learning or lose your entitlement to drive. If you need more information as always; please do call 01634 260631.

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