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Hello all, this is my first stab at a Life at Lighthouse blog and there is plenty for me to say.  As you may know, we don’t do things in half measures here – this month we haven’t taken a step or a few steps, but a big leap in the right direction.

Firstly, we welcomed Jack to our team and in true Lighthouse style he entered the pool at the deep end. He has been booked in for his NEBOSH exam, along with his SMSTS due for completion the day before, so good luck Jack and again, welcome from all of us here!

We also seem to have driven ourselves down a new road here at Lighthouse. One of our clients, who happens to be a top tier principal contractor, has requested that we be integrated into their H, S & E management team for a 6 month period. We will manage and assist site management in all health, safety and environmental aspects.  From RAMS approval to site safety, helping to improve site culture and increase their safety standard on those selected sites. Personally, I am looking forward to this. We also have another in the pipeline, doing exactly the same with another client on behalf of another top tier principal contractor. It is all looking very exciting!

Harry is determined more than ever to push us towards a more environmentally friendly company, by pestering our suppliers to reduce the cardboard they send to us and also reducing the paper we use during our courses. Good job Harry and keep up the good work!

On the training front there seems to have been an influx of fire marshal training which Rick has taken nicely under his wing.  We are awaiting the inevitable rush for the CSkills 1 day health and safety awareness course, which is required for the new site operative (changing to labourer) card.



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