Latchways to revolutionalise the rescue process

Known as the first in the world at developing systems, Latchways have done it again with the Personal Rescue Device.

The device has been created in a such a way that it does not create an obstruction when going about daily work and is compacted neatly into a backpack which the worker can safely wear during the working day. The backpack zips onto the harness and is robust enough to withstand adverse working conditions.

Not only is the PRD easy to activate by pulling a parachute like rip-cord but Latchways have even built in a secondary decent release mechanism which not only ensures that the worker’s decent is reliable but helps to simplify the risk assessment process.

What a fantastic piece of equipment designed and made by a world leader in its Industry.

Watch a demonstration of the PRD here


March 5, 2012 | Categories: Lighthouse Blog |
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