Labourers to ahieve a level 1 vocational qualification to get green card

Labourers to achieve a level 1 vocational qualification to get green card

One of the major quality control schemes within construction is set to undergo significant changes over the next year.

The Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) plans to make it a requirement for labourers to achieve a level 1 vocation qualification in Health and Safety for Construction Labourers before receiving the scheme’s entry-level green card.

Previous misuse of the current green card led to confusion within the industry, with some perceiving the cards as purely a passport to gain access to a site as oppose to a measure of an individual’s competence to complete a job.

It is planned that from July 2014, labourers will have to demonstrate this requirement in order to obtain a card.

A pilot is set to take place throughout the winter, which will be determined by the industry.

CSCS chief executive, Graham Wren said:

“Our aim is to set this standard at a level that demonstrates a worker’s knowledge and understanding of basic health and safety issues without it being prohibitive in terms of time and cost.”

– See more at: http://www.shponline.co.uk/news/news/full/major-changes-in-construction-accreditation#sthash.BRVV5Ejr.dpuf


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Lighthouse Comments: Continually we always get questioned about the CSCS cards. Most construction workers are in the mind set that the card is just used to get you on sites. It is to prove trade based competency not health and safety experience. Please get the right card for the right job and maintain the card!

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