Keep your eyes peeled!?

It was brought to our attention recently that some Principal contractors are noticing an increase in fraudulent CSCS cards being used by individuals in attempts to gain access to sites. The CSCS system introduced as a means to identify a basic safety awareness in relation to a persons site activities, is potentially open to abuse if sufficient checks of the submitted cards are not conducted during the induction process to ensure their validity.

Further more, this diligence should continue whilst on site by both Principal contractor staff and also by other trade individuals too. If you suspect a person you are working alongside is not displaying an appropriate level of safety awareness this may indicate they have used an invalid card to gain site access and therefore not possess the relevant knowledge to keep themselves and YOU safe during their work processes. Its important we all look out for each other and not confine ourselves to thinking about our own safety only.

At the end of the day its only a job, its not worth getting injured for or worse, we all deserve to go home safely at night and the simple flouting of this system may endanger that. Stay safe everyone.


July 21, 2014 | Categories: Lighthouse Blog |
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