Jewsons Forklift truck death

A 60-year-old man has died after being struck by a forklift truck at a Jewsons unit in Oxfordshire on the 12 Feb 12.

South Central Ambulance Service said it had been called to the incident in Banbury after a man had been run over by a forklift. The man, from the Banbury area, was taken by ambulance to the Horton General Hospital but later died. Police say they have informed health and safety officials to establish what happened.

Source – Construction Enquirer

LST Comment – Crushing remains one of the top reasons why people continue to die in the workplace, whether that be a construction site or in any other industry. For those in the construction Industry there is clear guidance about traffic segregation in the CDM Regs and for others there is similar guidance in the Workplace Regs. This aside pedestrian traffic will always lose a battle between man and machine. The workforce should be continually reminded of blind spots of machinery, the need to approach operators of machine from a position so that they can be seen easily, otherwise they should keep their distance. Both regulations mentioned already describe the need for segregation and barriers, these simple steps save lives.


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