Issues with the current Court and Sentencing process

A power supply company was fined on the 27/01/16 for an incident involving a member of the public dated back in July 2012, where a doctor was electrocuted after coming to contact with a high voltage power supply cables that had become loose.

The power company was made aware by member of the public about the hazard posed by the cable but decided to send a technician to attend the location without de-energise the line as a precautionary measure, which resulted in a fatal mistake.

The question that can be raised from this tragic event is the lengthy process such a case like this takes to come to a conclusion. In circumstances when workers or members of the public lose their life, the process required to come up with a sentence need to be fast tracked in order to increase the pressure to management/ employers. As three and half year for the conclusion of such a case is too long.

February 5, 2016 | Categories: Lighthouse Blog |
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