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Changes are planned to be made in the New Year regarding National CPC holders and the processes of testing for International CPC. The changes have been made in order for candidates taking their test to be wiser to European standards.

Changes that are planned for the New Year so far are:

  • Candidates will no longer be able to sit just the National CPC Certificate as it is now non-longer available, as it has been moulded into the new International Syllabus. In short the National CPC is now not available to obtain, candidates must complete the International CPC to reach the minimum level to be a Transport Manager or to receive their O’ License.


  •  Candidates who already have their National CPC Certificate will have ONE YEAR to complete their International CPC upgrade should they wish to. If they miss this deadline, and were subsequently to apply for their International CPC upgrade, candidates will be required to complete the full International CPC course and sit the full testing sequence regardless of previous qualification.


  • Testing will change; in order to relieve pressure on candidates, testing has been split into two parts. Part 1 is a two hour long multi choice format question paper, part 2 is a two hour long case study question paper which will be an OPEN BOOK assessment, however, unlike previous arrangements the scenario for the case study will not be made before the test date.


Additional Changes planned to be in place by the end of 2012 include:

  • The requirements of the CPC Holder on an ‘O’ license, is that one single CPC holder will only be able to be in control of ‘no more than 50 vehicles’.


  • Where companies run more than 50 vehicles additional CPC holders will be required. Some CPC holders may already have be over their 50 vehicle allocation and companies may need to train additional staff.

Please see our future courses list  to find out when you can sit your International CPC  course or Internationsl CPC upgrade.


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