International CPC Upgrade

International CPC Upgrade

Since the change in the syllabus and testing for the National and International CPC, some confusion over who has the ability to upgrade or not. Please read this carefully and decide whether you are able to upgrade or not.

If you obtained your National CPC:

If you have obtained your NATIONAL CPC prior to October 1999 you now have to complete the entire set of tests for the International CPC- THERE IS NO UPGRADE

If you have obtained your National CPC after October 1999 you now have the year of 2012 to upgrade to the International CPC taking the original Unit 6 Test. After this year has passed if you have failed to achieve the upgrade, but you still require the qualification, there will be NO UPGRADE OFFERED and the full set of International CPC tests will need to be completed.

If you have completed parts of your National CPC but not all:

Unfortunately the time frame has passed for your completion of National CPC as OCR have removed the National CPC tests and certification. If you wish to achieve the CPC qualification you are now required to complete the International CPC.

If you are starting from scratch:

Then you start on the new test format of one multiple two hour test and one two hour case study exam which has also been approved for the candidates to use their workbooks (open book exam)

If there are further questions you wish to ask please call immediately and ask for Harry on 01634 260631


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