It’s that time of year again. The sun is shining, work is as busy as ever and England are returning home early from another tournament!!

While this rare glimpse of British summertime is with us, it is important we look after ourselves and protect against the additional hazards the hot weather can bring. Whether working outside or in, it’s important we all make sure we stay hydrated. If your urine is anything but clear to slightly tinted, you may be suffering from a mild to severe dehydration. The chart below is a simple guide to understand if you need to drink more. Dehydration can lead to a number of conditions including fatigue, irritability, lack of concentration and possible long term kidney problems.




Please make sure drinking water is available to you, your colleagues and visitors to your workplace.

Another hazard we must be cautious of during the sunny days, is over exposure to UV light. Though essential for our wellbeing as humans (such as Vitamin D which is required for strengthening bones) in large doses, this UV exposure can lead to the often publicized skin cancer/melanoma that may threaten our very lives.

If you work outdoors for long periods or may be exposed to prolonged UV rays it is important to take the following steps to reduce the likelihood of skin problems occurring:


  1. Cover exposed skin as much as is comfortably possible.
  2. Ensure you make use of correctly rated sun screen/creams.

Sun screen should be made available to all worked with probable exposure as part of the risk assessment process.

We all enjoy the sun but it our own responsibility to look after our health as it is us who will be most affected by the outcomes of not doing so.

Enjoy the weather everyone.

– Rick

June 26, 2014 | Categories: Lighthouse Blog |
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