Horse Play

Hello again, something I’ve been thinking about recently is how things have changed out there since I myself first came into the workforce some 15 years ago. There have been many changes, wage rates, cost of living, house prices and working hours to name but a few. Though I don’t think any have changed so rapidly as the standards in which we find ourselves working in with regard to our Health and Safety.

I can remember my early working days while still at college and doing part-time work as both a construction site labourer and manufacturing machine operator and I have to say thinking back now it truly terrifies me to think about some of things I and all my colleagues used to do for a bit of fun, knowing what I know now it’s amazing how lucky I am that these antics did not result in one of us getting seriously injured, falling ill or worse still one of our young lives ending there and then.

I can remember ‘horse play’ was something we engaged in on a daily basis to get us through a shift to amuse ourselves during slack periods or just because we thought it would be funny. Once or twice there were a few close calls but nothing too serious and we just shrugged it off as a lucky turn of events and continued to do further stupid things for many more times to come.

It is obviously less of a problem these days as many more of us have come to realise the dangers in what we have done previously but that does not mean to say that acts of this nature no longer occur at all and it is the responsibility of the entire workforce to maintain good standards of practice and I hope all of you will do your bit to help achieve the safe working environment we all deserve.

Below is a somewhat tongue in cheek video link for your amusement but please remember that ‘messing about for a laugh’ really can have serious consequences on many occasions, so until next time, keep safe people.


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