Health Surveillance

Each year, many thousands of people become ill because of the work they do. Some suffer from diseases or conditions that can mean years of pain. Yet occupational ill health is preventable and many of these costs can be reduced by managers taking effective steps to control health risks at work. One of these steps is to arrange for the health surveillance of employees.

There are many hazards on in the workplace and on construction sites that can affect our health such as Dust, Vibration, Noise, Lead and hazardous substances. Many of these hazards affect us on a daily basis but the effects of the health issues may not be felt for many years. For instance the inhalation of Cement Participle Board when it is being cut may lead to throat cancer if inhalation persists.

In order to combat the affects of poor health, health surveillance can be introduced to uncover the health defect early to prevent the issue become worse or even fatal.

The level of Health Surveillance introduced can range from a medical questionnaire periodically to a full medical examination. Depending on the level of risk accumulated by the work activity depends on the level of Surveillance. Some regulations in the UK require more specific types of health surveillance such as the Control of Lead at Work Regulations 2002, requires blood testing assessments as a minimum and eye testing is required under the Display Screen Equipment Regulations 1992.

Be sure to enquire about health surveillance at your work place and be sure to ask Lighthouse Safety for more advice.

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