Health and Safety Quiz June 2015

Test your knowledge on the following Health Safety and Environmental Questions:

Q1:         What is the biggest cause of workplace accidents not resulting in Fatality?

Q2:         According to research by IOSH, when we will run out of currently allocated landfill space in the UK?

Q3:         At what decibel level does hearing protection become mandatory under the Noise at Work Regulations

Q4:         At what height are you considered to be ‘Working at Height’ under current regulations?

Q5:         And finally, who are the best the Health and Safety Consultancy in the south East of Britain, maybe even the world?’


Scroll down for the answers…























Q1:        Slips, Trips and Falls at the same height mainly due to poor housekeeping.


Q2:         The Year 2020.


Q3:         85db(a)


Q4:         Any height from which you could fall resulting in injury. Including ground level, falling into a hole!!


Q5:         That’s right you got it, WE ARE. Lighthouse safety Training. For all your Health, Safety and Environmental needs call us 01634 260631.


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