Health and Safety Quiz August 2015

It’s that time again folks, were we have to test your health and safety knowledge, why? Well because I said so really!

Multi choice scenarios are the order of the day this time around, let’s see how you do. Ready, set, off you go…..



Which of the following actions should be your first upon discovering an accident within your workplace?

  1. Walk away as its nothing to do with you
  2. Report it to the HSE
  3. Inform the management team
  4. Secure the scene, make safe to prevent further danger and injury, where safe to do so administer first aid to any casualties


An inspector form the enforcing authority that governs your place of work arrives and asks to come in to carry out an inspection. Do you?

  1. Allow them to enter and let them carry out the inspection and stay well clear of them until they’re done
  2. Tell them, ‘now is not a good time, come back tomorrow’
  3. Refuse them entry as its none of their concern what you get up to, it’s your place of work, not theirs.
  4. Allow them entry, give them an induction relevant to the workplace to ensure they understand how to keep themselves safe while in your workplace and offer any further assistance they may require.


What is worker health surveillance?

  1. Spying on the workforce in and out of the workplace
  2. Installing CCTV in toilets, wash rooms and changing areas
  3. Implementing a cooperative programme of regular monitoring of the workforce to ensure the work processes they are undertaking are not negatively affecting their short term or long term health.
  4. Following staff at all times during working hours to make sure they do not get sick


When is a workplace considered to be too loud and a legal requirement to provide hearing protection for use exists?

  1. Above 70 decibels
  2. Above 80 decibels
  3. Above 85 decibels
  4. When the workforce report bleeding from the ears


If you were in need of competent health and safety advice to meet both legal requirements, help keep your workforce safe and healthy and also provide your company with that competitive edge who would be your best option?















Answers below…..

A1:         the answer is D) we must make sure we do not allow people to enter an unsafe area as this may create further casualties. The hierarchy of rescues states that the most important person in any accident or rescue scenario is the rescuer, followed by any bystanders or the public and then lastly the safety of any injured parties is then considered.

A2:         the answer is D) just because they are there to perform a safety inspection it does not make them exempt or invincible to any site hazards and should therefore have an induction to inform them of potential dangers they may be presented with during the visit.

A3:         the answer is C). Making sure our employers are not harmed by their work is a fundamental legal requirement, health surveillance can help us identify early indications where this may be occurring.

A4:         the answer is B) as at 80 decibels the noise at work regulations stipulate that hearing protection should be provided to the workforce as the noise is beyond the safe level, they do not however have to wear it if they choose not to. At 85 decibels it now becomes mandatory to wear this protection under these regulations.

A5:         That’s right you go it, all answers were correct, your one and only choice should always be Lighthouse Safety Training Ltd for all of your Training and Consultancy needs.


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