Top Tips – Hazardous Substances

Q: What is a hazardous substance?


LST Comment: We’d not be surprised to hear that most people would not be able to answer that question;


A: Many of you will therefore be surprised to know a hazardous substance is anything that can cause damage or illness to the health of you, your staff, other people and the environment. Substances from bleach to car fumes, printer toner to diesel are all classes of hazardous substance.

Whenever you come in contact with any Hazardous Substance, your employer should risk assess the risks, while attempting to remove the risk (which is not always possible), they should look to minimise the risk, inform you of the controls and train you in the precautions necessary when using, storing or disposing, or what to do when there is an emergency. In essence any hazardous substance (purchased, bi-product or naturally occurring) you store, control or work with, needs to be assessed in order for the correct precautions to be put in place.


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