Hasta La Vista Harry

11 years ago Lighthouse Safety employed a young, enthusiastic individual called Harry Collins who unknowingly at this time would play an integral part in making Lighthouse the respected business it is today.

Over the years Harry has not only been an employee but a friend and part of the family.
On the 2nd of July Harry will be moving to pastures new and continuing his career alongside his passion of beer.
Harry will be seeing out his last days with us by hosting the Lighthouse Safety Charity Golf day, which he has passionately organised. Harry leaves us with all of our most sincere best wishes for the future (Viel Glück for die Zukunft Harry)
If you would like to wish Harry well or would like to discuss a point of contact after Harry leaves please contact Stephen or Hazel on 01634 260631
April 29, 2021 | Categories: Lighthouse News, News |
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For further information call Lighthouse: 01634 260 631 or email: [email protected]

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