Hand arm vibration

When out on different sites talking to different contractors about their personal health and safety, the one subject that they know about, but don’t know how to judge, is hand arm vibration. There is an understanding of how to deal with it but not to manage it i.e. calculating the time they are suppose to be on each power tool over the working day.

If there is excessive use it can lead to blood circulatory diseases such as Raynaud’s Disease, White finger and it can all start with the tingling and numbness in the fingers. The motivation skills in your fingers will start to slow and you won’t be able to grip or grab small objects. But hopefully it won’t come to that if time and work is managed correctly.

There are gadgets that can help calculate vibration in tools and warn you when you have had enough time on that power tool these are called HAVI’s. There is also a Hand Arm Vibration charts that are easily attained by the internet. All these processes can help to reduce and hopefully prevent Hand arm vibration syndrome because once the damage is done its permanent.

All these processes where introduced when The Control of Vibration at Work Regulation 2005 was introduced to protect workers from vibration. So please take into consideration your health when at work and even if you have to get the job done, This doesn’t mean you can’t take care of yourself while doing so if you are on price work there isn’t any price you should put to your health and safety. At the end of the day you want to be going home with no worries or pains from work related injures so take care of yourself and others while working.

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