Fire Extinguisher checks

Recent inspections of a number of properties have provided some interesting outcomes. It seems to be a common misconception that fire extinguishers should only be checked once a year!

While it is true that a yearly service of your sites/premises extinguishers should occur by an independent and suitably qualified contractor, this is not the only checks we should carry out to ensure our fire fighting equipment is suitable for use.

As part of a weekly safety inspection program of site facilities, equipment and safety features, fire wardens or otherwise trained and competent staff members should carry out basic visual inspections of all extinguishers covering the following points:

  1. Check that the tamper proof seal is intact indicating the extinguisher has not been used
  2. If a pressure gauge is fitted ensure that the extinguisher is within the green correct operating pressure zone on the gauge
  3. Ensure there is no impact damage, splits in the hoses, leakage of contents from the valve connection
  4. That each Fire Point has the correct type of extinguisher and operating instructions as identified
  5. Check that the extinguisher is within its annual test date

Ensuring these simple checks are conducted each week will reduce the risk that an extinguisher will fail when we rely on it to save our lives.


March 19, 2014 | Categories: Lighthouse Blog |
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