Environmental Update

So it has been approved… the Swansea Tidal Lagoon, as previously blogged about (which you can see here http://www.lighthousesafety.co.uk/lagooooons/) is now going ahead.

Laing O’Rourke, Skanska, Balfour Beatty have all been tipped for work on the lagoon. The lagoon still is splitting opinions, I just suppose we will wait to see if this has been a good idea or not.


Other News:

  • China has used 8% less Coal for energy use than last year. – Good news
  • The queen will announce that wind farms over 50MW will be controlled by local authorities… however there are only two. – Oh
  • Local Authorities are switching from conventional street lights to LED Street lights; these are 57% more efficient than conventional light bulbs. – Excellent
  • Skylarks & Black Tailed godwit are some of the birds that are at threat of extinction in the EU. – Oh again
  • European CO2 Emissions fell by 4.5% last year. – Again good news
  • The UK has failed to enforce its legal requirement of Air Quality Standards and has been taken to court and the UK must now submit new plans to achieve better air quality in our cities. – Bad but also good news

Although some mixed news above we are all trying to do more to help our environment. Even at Lighthouse, where our Carbon Footprint is so small compared to most, we are trying to set new standards every day to do our bit for the future of our small world.

Think Green, Think Future.

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