Dust – What’s the Problem?

One of the worst controlled hazards in construction is the control of dust.

99% of dust created on a construction site is hazardous and in many cases can be carcinogenic.

Common dusts created by the cutting of wood may include Urea Formaldehyde (wood binding glue) which is evident in most forms of MDF, is highly carcinogenic, and is potentially more dangerous than asbestos.

The problem lies with the fact of now and later.   The health effects caused by over exposure to hazardous dust may not become apparent until later on in life, even up to 30 years later!   Because of that fact the hazards are often overlooked and not controlled.

Any dust created on site needs to be controlled, not just to protect the immediate individual /group creating the dust, but other contractors on site and anyone who may enter that area, even briefly.

Steps you can take to control the dust are simple:

• Pre-cut resources off site (where possible)

• Cut in a designated cutting location (where possible)

• Control dust with wet cutting/vacuum (LEV)

• Limit exposure to dust for individuals

• Never sweep the dust – always vacuum


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