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A relatively small number of drivers have been caught without Drivers CPCs since April this year, from VOSA:  The government body that is charged with enforcing the legislation and it appears that the majority of those caught had obtained the qualification, but had just neglected to carry the card on the day that they were stopped.

From April 1st to August 31st this year, just 30 drivers were stopped who had not obtained the necessary qualification.  They were all drivers who had passed parts one and three of an LGV or PCV driving test and thus obtained a licence to drive, but had not passed parts two and four, meaning that they had no Driver CPC qualification.

Between April 1st and August 31st, 28 drivers who had passed all four parts of the driving test but could not produce a Driver CPC card when asked were also detected by VOSA.

September 11th saw the training deadline for PCV drivers pass, but there was no spike in the n umber of drivers found without the qualification. Just seven offenders were detected during the month: by comparison VOSA had detected 13 the previous June.

But September did see a spike in the number of qualified drivers caught with out a card: 15 were detected, compared to previous highs of seven in April and July, meaning that since April VOSA had found more qualified drivers who were not carrying cards than drivers who were not qualified.

These figures represent a tiny fraction of vehicles and drivers stopped and checked, indicating that the industry is so far broadly compliant with the legislation.

The real test is likely to come in September 2014, when all ‘in scope’ LGV drivers, including those of 7.5 tonne vehicles, will have to be carrying a card.


Source: Trucking Topics

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