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New figures have been released that shows the amount of commercial LGV drivers taking the 35 hours of periodic training is still 25% BELOW the required and projected requirement. By looking at these statistics major concerns are being aired as to the lack of knowledge and understanding of the training required by the drivers that need the qualification. Many still believe that the requirement will be lifted by that date and they will simply continue to drive without the card. Others believe that they are exempt and do not have to take any action until after the deadline of the 10th of September 2014. Worryingly some drivers simply pull a blank expression when Driver CPC is mentioned!

Another concern is the price of delaying your training. The average price for a day’s training is around £80. Bring this requirement to 2014 and you may be paying around £200 per day! If you do your training now you will be covered until 2019 (after 10th Sept 2014 you may start your periodic training once again to continue your five years).

If you are still debating whether to complete your training sooner rather than later, please take note that the cost will not go down but up and the requirement will not go away. Europe is involved and people have already spent money on their training. Cancelling the requirement will make more people unhappy then happy

In the words of Fred Ponting BOOK EARLY!!

April 23, 2012 | Categories: Lighthouse Blog |
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