Driver CPC – Update for Drivers Delivering Trucks to Test Centres

VOSA (The Vehicle and Operator Services Agency) has confirmed that drivers taking trucks and trailers to their annual test will be required to hold a full Driver CPC Qualification.

Extraordinarily, a Driver CPC is not needed on the other hand if the driver is carrying out a road test for technical development, repair or maintenance purposes, or is in a new or rebuilt vehicle which has not been put into service. A statement from VOSA to Trucking Topics confirms that the qualification is required for drivers taking vehicles to testing stations, designated premises and ATFs for roadworthiness tests.

The excuse that “the drive to the test station doubles as a last-minute check” will not wash with the Agency. The statement from VOSA said: “Whilst it is appreciated that this journey may be similar to those mentioned in the exemption, it is travelling to a statutory test of the vehicle where the vehicle should have been road tested prior to being presented for annual or statutory test.”


Is DCPC training ‘other work’?

VOSA has also clarified the question of whether or not drivers undergoing Driver CPC training need to record the activity as ‘other work’ for hours law purposes: “When a driver is being paid for attending Driver CPC training they will record the time as other work for drivers hours purposes and where the driver is not paid and is voluntarily attending the training then this will be treated as part of the driver’s rest period.”

It should be noted that the advice from VOSA makes it plain that the question of who is paying for the training is irrelevant: the distinction is whether or not the driver is being paid a wage to attend and whether his employer has ordered him to attend. If the answer to either question is yes, then the training should be recorded as ‘other work’

Source www.truckingtopics.co.uk


Lighthouse Safety Comments: We have been questioned by drivers regarding this matter on several occasions and we have failed to answer based on the fact there has been no clear guidelines on the matter. Our short answer was that yes you may need it as it is better to be safe than sorry and no we can advise that VOSA are expecting you to have DCPC qualification for driving to a test station. Bad news for some businesses as this does seem to be against the guidelines of JAUPT, but like many decisions it is out of our hands.


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